Rewatching Angel – Episode 45

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Fred is now living at the hotel. She seems a little skittish about coming out of her room, though.
  • The rest of the team have noticed that Fred’s been hiding out since Angel left town three months ago. She’s kind of attached to him.
  • Angel’s working through his grief. He’s on a spiritual retreat in Sri Lanka.
  • Except when we join Angel, he’s in the middle of a pretty epic battle. Not very peaceful.
  • He kills a bunch of demon monks and then goes on his merry way.
  • Angel returns home, bearing gifts for his friends.
  • Then he stops by Fred’s room to check on her.
  • She’s inside writing on the walls, just like she did in her cave.
  • He tries to convince her to visit downstairs, and then Cordelia has a vision.
  • She sees a bunch of vampires attacking a college party, but the guys get there too late.
  • The vampires haven’t been gone long and they’ve taken a couple hostages.
  • In the vamps’ car, the blonde talks to the boy they’ve taken, asking if he loves the girl.
  • He says yes, but when she gives him the choice of killing her to save himself, he says he wants to live.
  • Ain’t love grand?
  • Angel and the guys catch up. They save the kids and dust three of the four vampires.
  • But the blonde, before she turns to dust, recognizes Angelus.
  • Cordelia’s post-vision headaches are still getting worse. Luckily she has Dennis the Ghost at home to help take care of her.
  • Flashback time… Angelus and Darla are hanging out with another young vampire couple.
  • But it’s not Spike and Dru… this could be confusing.
  • Apparently that young couple are in love… but also reckless. And they’ve drawn the attention of Holtz, the infamous vampire hunter.
  • Their names are James and Elizabeth. He breaks into a store and steals her the locket that she was still wearing when she was dusted.
  • This, again, draws the attention of Holtz.
  • The vamp that got away reports what happened to James. In his anger and grief, he throws his lackey into the sunlight.
  • But not before mentioning that he wants to die.
  • Cordelia tries to get Angel to open up about Buffy, then convinces him to finish the story about what happened with Holtz.
  • Darla and Elizabeth got away and Holtz captured Angelus and James.
  • Angelus is ready to spill it all. Having no soul, he couldn’t really care less.
  • We find out that Holtz wants Darla more than Angelus… but that they both played a role in slaughtering Holtz’s family.
  • James and Angelus manage to get away and James leaves to try and get to Elizabeth before Holtz can.
  • Wes and Gunn meet with Merle at Caritas. He’s heard some noise about James and how badly he wants to see Angel dead.
  • Turns out they don’t have to track him down. James shows up at the hotel to attack Angel.
  • Merle reveals that James was recently at Dr. Gregson’s office. What could that mean?
  • Angel stakes James… but that does nothing.
  • Did he get his hands on a Gem of Amara?
  • No… Angel destroyed that. Maybe they mass produced the thing.
  • Then Angel throws James into the sunny courtyard of the hotel. Still nothing…
  • Angel and Cordelia escape into the sewers. They lose James.
  • Wes calls Cordy’s cell phone and lets them know James is invincible.
  • Dr. Gregson removed his heart. This makes him invincible, but then he’ll die in six… somethings. The signal is pretty bad in the sewer.
  • Probably six hours. That’s my guess, anyway.
  • Angel and Cordelia make their way onto a subway train, but James still catches up.
  • James assumes that he can kill Cordelia, the woman he loves.
  • But Angel reveals that the woman he loves is already dead.
  • It doesn’t take much longer before James’ invincibility wears off and he turns to dust.
  • In the end, Angel reveals to Cordelia that he’s not okay because he’s okay. Losing Buffy didn’t destroy him. He feels like it’s betraying her somehow.
  • Cordelia talks sense into him. He’s still here fighting. That’s not betraying Buffy, it’s honoring her.
  • Meanwhile, somewhere in Nicaragua…
  • A shady guy gives Darla a slip of paper… info about a mysterious shaman.
  • She kills him for his trouble.
  • Then she walks out of the bar. And she’s very pregnant.
  • Body count: Demon Monks – No way to count them all; Vampires – 5; Humans – 1

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