Rewatching Buffy – Episode 99

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 21 years ago.

The Weight of the World

  • Glory’s getting fitted for a gown for her big ceremony with the Key.
  • Meanwhile, Buffy’s still at the abandoned gas station. No one can get through to her.
  • She’s gone about catatonic.
  • Who can blame her? Riley left town. Joyce died. Spike’s got a crush on her. Dawn’s been abducted by a hell-god.
  • Spike and Xander start squabbling about what to do with Buffy.
  • Willow takes charge. She magically separates them then gives everyone orders.
  • They go back to Sunnydale. Spike needs to look for Glory. Anya and Xander will take Giles to the hospital. Willow will try to help Buffy with some kind of magic mind meld.
  • Spike brings up the Ben question. What if they run into Ben?
  • Why would that matter?
  • Spike is the only one of them who remembers that Ben and Glory share a body. He then realizes that Glory’s worked some kind of mojo so that anyone who witnesses the change instantly forgets about it.
  • Makes for a really funny scene.
  • Glory’s minions and the crazy people are building some kind of tower in preparation for the ceremony.
  • Glory’s being super nice to Dawn. I guess now that she’s got what she wants, she has no need to be evil toward her.
  • Sure, she’s still gonna have to kill her, but up ’til then…
  • She’s feeling guilty about killing Dawn. Some of Ben is bleeding over into her.
  • Willow goes into Buffy’s mind. She finds her as a little girl.
  • Her parents get home with baby Dawn.
  • At first little Buffy doesn’t want a baby sister, but then she insists that she can help take care of her.
  • Suddenly, the scene shifts and Buffy is putting away a book at the Magic Box.
  • Then they’re in the desert during Buffy’s vision quest.
  • Spike meets Xander and Giles at the hospital to share what he found at Glory’s place: nothing.
  • Spike mentions going to see the guy that helped Dawn try to resurrect Joyce. He’s a demon, but he’s bookish. Might be worth getting some info from him.
  • He also tells Xander he found Ben’s room at Glory’s place, but there’s wasn’t much to go on from there.
  • “You mean Ben’s been subletting from Glory this whole time?!”
  • Glory’s starting to lose it.
  • And by “it” I mean her grasp on her own body. Ben’s taking over.
  • Back in Buffy’s brain, Willow hear’s the “Death is your gift” line from the First Slayer. She’s a little confused by that.
  • But that’s okay, because Buffy didn’t really understand it either.
  • Glory and Dawn actually have a pretty decent conversation about the craziness of the world.
  • Willow follows mind-Buffy to her house and into Joyce’s room. Instead of a bed, it’s Joyce’s grave.
  • Buffy repeats, “Death is my gift.”
  • Then she walks over to Dawn’s room and begins to suffocate her. “I’ve finally figured it out. Death is my gift.”
  • In the real world, Ben arrives and Dawn explains that the magic that keeps him and Glory apart is breaking down.
  • Ben helps Dawn escape and says he’ll get her as far away as he can before Glory comes back.
  • Buffy’s dreamscape hits repeat…
  • Spike and Xander pay demon Joel Grey a visit. He offers them cocoa.
  • When they ask where Glory might have taken Dawn, he gives them the runaround.
  • Turns out, he worships the Beast. In the fight, Xander manages to run Joel through with a sword and Spike grabs a box that seems important.
  • As they leave, Joel’s eyes open up. So… not dead then, huh?
  • Ben manages to get Dawn into downtown Sunnydale, then she knocks him out and tries to ditch him.
  • But then Glory takes back over. She actually felt that blow to the head.
  • They keep going back and forth. Ben… Glory… Ben… Glory…
  • It’s like watching Gollum and Smeagol have a conversation…
  • Glory convinces Ben to let her have Dawn.
  • Mind-Buffy breaks the cycle and leads Willow back to the Magic Box.
  • For that moment, Buffy quit. She realized, in that moment, she couldn’t possibly beat Glory and so, she decided to quit. And that’s when, in her mind, she killed Dawn.
  • Willow yells at Buffy to snap out of it. She’s feeling guilty and there’s nothing wrong with it. Dawn’s not dead yet, but she will be if Buffy stays locked inside her own mind.
  • Willow leaves. Buffy comes with her.
  • And she brings the tears.
  • The gang meets back at the Magic Box.
  • Giles has gone through Joel’s books and reveals that the ceremony is a bloodletting.
  • Once Dawn’s blood is shed, the fabric of reality will rip apart.
  • “The portal will only close once the blood is stopped.” The only way for that to happen is for Dawn to die.
  • Body count: No deaths this week!

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