Rewatching Angel – Episode 43

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Through the Looking Glass

  • Cordelia’s ruler of Pylea. That should make the guys’ stint in the dungeon a short one, right?
  • She’s definitely not one to let power go to her head.
  • Wait… this is Cordelia we’re talking about.
  • But she’s not the same Cordelia that came out of Sunnydale two years ago.
  • Doesn’t mean she won’t have a little fun before releasing her friends.
  • “Off with their heads!”
  • But she’s kidding. They’re safe.
  • Cordelia clears the throne room except for her guys.
  • Lorne explains the prophecy about the cursed one… Cordelia… who is Pylea’s messiah who would restore the monarchy.
  • Angel gets sidetracked by his reflection. Why hasn’t anyone told him his hair’s like that?
  • Wes needs to see the books that the robed demons have. Maybe there’s a way back to earth.
  • Angel and Lorne head to his old home to visit his family and find out what they can about getting a dimensional hot spot.
  • They’re not thrilled about seeing Lorne, but his cousin spreads the word about Angel’s bravery in killing the Drokken, so he’s welcome as an honored guest.
  • Wesley finds that the holy books he needs are trionic… all three are needed to understand what’s said.
  • He discovers that Cordelia needs to “com-shuk” with the “Groosalugg…”
  • The priests were talking about this earlier, too. One of them wants to behead Cordelia if she survives whatever this com-shuk is.
  • Then Wesley discovers the front covers of the three books, depicting a wolf, a ram, and a hart.
  • Seems the priests can’t be trusted.
  • In walk the priests. Their leader explains the com-shuk is a mating ritual. And as soon as the Groosalugg arrives from the scum pits, the com-shuk will happen.
  • Knowing this thing is coming but not being sure what this thing is gonna be, Cordelia’s ready to abdicate her throne and hop the next portal back to earth.
  • The heroic Angel has been chosen to behead Fred. What an honor!
  • Angel sets Fred free and everyone goes after them.
  • Lorne sings “Stop! In the Name of Love,” which the locals find abhorrent, giving Angel and Fred a chance to escape.
  • Then someone manages to knock Lorne out.
  • Wes and Gunn try to sneak Cordelia out through the castle’s sewers.
  • Before Cordelia can climb down, the priests find her to let her know the Groosalugg approaches.
  • Once Angel and Fred get away, she runs off to her cave.
  • Angel follows and it looks like she’s been living there for quite some time.
  • “Handsome man saved me from the monsters.”
  • Fred’s convinced that Angel’s not real. She’s not all there.
  • Five years alone in Pylea might do that to a girl.
  • She writes all over the walls and Angel realizes this is the girl from Cordy’s vision.
  • Back in the throne room, the Groosalugg arrives. Turns out he’s less monster and more Conan the Barbarian.
  • Angel and Fred try to make their way back to find the others, but they’re found by a couple of guards on horseback.
  • In the fight, Angel vamps out. But that’s different in Pylea.
  • The transformation is a lot more severe and he’s a lot more savage, killing one of the horseback demons.
  • Groosalugg explains that, being born looking human was an affront to his people. But Cordelia’s kinda smitten.
  • Lorne is brought to her for judgment and she pardons him. Then shoos him away. She wants to be alone with the Groosalugg.
  • In the woods, crazy demon Angel attacks Wes and Gunn. Fred draws him away with some fresh blood.
  • But then Wes and Gunn are ambushed by a tribe of humans. The non-slave variety.
  • Back in Fred’s cave, Angel calms down and reverts back to his normal self. But he’s kind of freaked out by what he became.
  • Groosalugg convinces Cordelia that she can do a lot of good in her position as princess. So she asks for parchment from the priests.
  • They want to send her a message instead.
  • Wes and Gunn’s band of merry men want to send a message, too. But they want to make a list of demands that will be shoved into Wes and Gunn’s mouths when their severed heads are displayed outside the princess’ window.
  • While Cordelia is writing down some new proclamations, the priests arrive and dismiss Groosalugg.
  • They tell her that she and the Groosalugg are tools of the Covenant, nothing more. They are to do what they are told.
  • And they reveal that they’ve beheaded Lorne.
  • Body count: Demons – 2

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