My Favorite Movies #66 – Who Framed Roger Rabbit

who framed roger rabbit - posterWho Framed Roger Rabbit


Directed by Robert Zemeckis

Netflix says… Director Robert Zemeckis seamlessly mixes live action with animation wizardry in this cinematic groundbreaker featuring Bob Hoskins as gruff gumshoe Eddie Valiant, who agrees to take the case of Roger Rabbit, a zany cartoon star framed for murder.

  • This movie holds up remarkably well considering it’s more than 20 years old.
  • The interactions between the toons and the live actors and props is near flawless.
  • Incredible, considering it’s 1988.
  • And blending it all in with a classic Hollywood whodunit is great.
  • Eddie Valiant is a private detective with a bad attitude who clearly hates toons.
  • Pretty early on, we find out this hatred is warranted, as a toon killed his brother.
  • But he’s pretty much down on his luck, so when the head of Maroon Cartoons hires him to get some incriminating pictures of Roger Rabbit’s wife in a compromising position, he takes the job.
  • Taking those pictures of Jessica Rabbit playing patty cake with Marvin Acme lead to Acme getting murdered with Roger as the prime suspect.
  • On the run, Roger turns to Valiant to help clear his name before Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd) can get his hands on him and throw him in a vat of DIP, the only way to really kill a cartoon in this world.
  • With a name like Doom, could they really not figure out that he’s the actual villain of the thing?
  • The whole thing ends up being a plot to destroy Toontown to make way for a brand new form of transportation: the freeway.
  • To get control of Toontown, Doom needed Acme gone. And Roger became the fall guy for the crime.
  • It’s deeper than all that, and there’s a lot more to Doom than meets the eye, but I won’t spoil all that here. You know, just in case you haven’t seen this movie at any point in the last 20 years.
  • It’s a fun movie, and part of the fun is seeing classic characters from rival studios interacting with each other.
  • Like at the club where we’re first introduced to Jessica Rabbit, the act that went on before her consisted of Donald Duck and Daffy Duck playing a dueling pianos kind of act.
  • Those two do not get along.
  • Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse do a little better together, hanging out and going skydiving.
  • It’s sort of like what you would imagine it being like to see a Justice League/Avengers team-up.
  • Which is probably why there has never been a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • I’m sure it was a pain for the producers to work out a deal between Disney and Warner Bros. to use their most famous characters and make sure everyone had equal screen time.
  • No matter how successful this movie may have been or what kind of groundbreaking techniques it may have used, it would probably be super difficult to come to another agreement like they did once upon a time.
  • Anyway, if you haven’t seen it, watch it. Not sure what your excuse is, though, it’s 20 years old.

Come back next week for another 80s cult classic, The Princess Bride.

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Movies #66 – Who Framed Roger Rabbit

  1. Yes, but what happens after spring break!!!?!?!?

    But seriously, I loved this movie when I was a kid (though I probably shouldn’t have been able to watch given the suggestiveness and sexual innuendos). I liked the depiction of real life and cartoons living as one. As a kid, that was amazing to see. Plus I had a crush on Roger Rabbit, but what girl wouldn’t!? He’s quite the smooth talker. 😉

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