10 Movies I’m Anticipating in 2019

I love movies. And I’ve taken time to look ahead at the year to come. There are a lot of movies coming out that I’m going to want to see when they hit theaters. However, I’m not made of money. And I discontinued my subscription to MoviePass toward the end of last year. So there’s a good chance I’ll miss a good bit of them until they hit Netflix or Hulu. But the following list is made up of 10 movies that I will go out of my way to see when they’re released.

10 – A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.gifTom Hanks, one of the most loved and respected actors of our generation, is playing Fred Rogers, one of the most loved and respected men of any generation. If this biopic is anything that’s remotely like last year’s Won’t You Be My Neighbor documentary, then this will be incredibly moving.

9 – Us

Us.gifNo… not This Is Us. Just Us. This is Jordan Peele’s follow-up to the incredible Get Out. If his first directorial outing is any indication of what to expect with this one, then we should all probably bring along some Depends when seeing Us.

8 – How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

How to Train Your Dragon.gifThere are several animated films that look promising this year, but this is the one I definitely want to make an effort to see. The first two installments in this trilogy were brilliant and, to be honest, surprised the heck out of me with how good they were. I’m excited to see how Dreamworks plans to wrap it all up with this one.

7 – Brightburn

Brightburn.gifWhat if Superman was evil? What if, while growing up and discovering his powers, he had no conscience and just reacted in ways that, let’s be honest, most kids would react in most given situations if they had the Man of Steel’s power set? The trailer for this movie makes it look intriguing and terrifying at the same time.

6 – It: Chapter Two

It Chapter Two.gifUh… Did you see the first one? As remakes go, It was extremely well done, mixing nostalgia with a fantastic coming of age story. The killer clown almost took a back seat to the kids portraying the Losers’ Club. The casting for the adult version of the Losers is spot on and I’m looking forward to their final confrontation with Pennywise.

5 – Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man Far From Home.gifNow we get into the super-hero flicks. Homecoming gave us a really great look at the MCU version of Spider-Man. The sequel should be equally entertaining.

4 – Shazam!

Shazam.gifIt looks like Big, but told with a super-hero slant. I always liked Zachary Levi in Chuck. It will be interesting to see if he can carry a major motion picture.

3 – Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel.gifIt’s kinda funny that Shazam! started out his comic book life known as Captain Marvel, but DC can’t call him that anymore. Because of this Captain Marvel. The MCU is giving us the most powerful hero in the Marvel Universe and they’re setting it in the 90s. And it’s Brie Larson. What’s not to love?

2 – Avengers: Endgame

Avengers Endgame.gifHow do you follow up after the snap heard ‘round the universe in Infinity War? No one knows. Because they won’t tell us anything about this movie!

1 – Star Wars: Episode IX

Star Wars - Lando.gifHonestly, it was down to this or Avengers for the number one spot. I went with this because I’m really more excited about it than I am for the next Marvel team-up. Because this is supposed to be the culmination of 40 years of storytelling. J.J. Abrams is back to wrap up not just the sequel trilogy, but the entire Skywalker saga as we know it. I’m one of those who loved The Last Jedi and I’m really looking forward to seeing just how Abrams will tie everything together, including the prequels and the original trilogy. Plus, Lando’s coming back.

So, those are my picks. Some honorable mentions are: GlassThe Lego Movie 2: The Next PartPet SemataryGodzilla: King of the MonstersToy Story 4JokerZombieland 2, and Frozen 2. And these are just the ones I know about. I’m sure there will be some indie films that are released that I’ll regret not even hearing about until others have seen them and become indignant when they find out I haven’t seen them yet. I’m a big geek. I know.

What movies are you looking forward to?


17 thoughts on “10 Movies I’m Anticipating in 2019

        • I almost left Toy Story 4 off of the honorable mentions, because I felt like the last one wrapped everything up neatly. Doing another one kind of messes that up for me. It better be real good.

          As for Little Women, What Men Want, Aladdin, and The Lion King (and let’s throw in Dumbo for the heck of it), they all fall under my pointless remakes category. Little Women has been made and remade what, six times? Maybe it’ll be like A Star Is Born and wind up being phenomenal and blow the other versions away. What Men Want looks interesting and at least this remake of What Women Want is switching things up. As for Disney’s live action remakes… big pet peeve for me.

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        • I didn’t like the jungle book remake, but I saw who was doing some of the voices for the lion king and I’m intrigued…but I’ll wait till I can rent it, going to a movie theater these days isn’t my fav thing to do so it will need to come to me. Ha. I didn’t even know they were making Dumbo again? (I’ve never seen the first one 😳) lol

          I have yet to see the new A Star Is Born, I loved Barbra and the Judy Garland version, I know how it ends all ready and I didn’t want to miss with my Barbra & Kris Kristofferson version.

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        • I would be thrilled if Disney would just re-release their original animated movies. Will Smith is great and all, but there’s no way his portrayal of the Genie will compare to Robin Williams’ voice acting in the animated version.

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    • I want to see it so bad! And it would have made my top 10, but I started hearing that it’s getting negative reviews… which makes me less optimistic. Not gonna stop me from seeing it, but I’m sorry to say the reviews are affecting me.

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      • Really, negative reviews?! I tend not to listen to reviews because I usually end up loving the movies that didn’t get rated well. It comes out on my bday anyway…that’s got to be a good sign, right?

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        • There are a lot of times when I’ll really like a movie that gets bad reviews from the critics. But with Shyamalan’s track record, I’m nervous. Like I said, it won’t stop me from seeing Glass and I’m hopeful that it’ll be as good as Split. Happy early birthday!

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        • That is difficult to say… Probably Patricia. In spite of the fact that she was an insane follower of the Beast, she was still super polite to the hostages. McAvoy should have been more recognized for his performance(s) in this. Especially the scene where he went through several of the personalities within seconds of each other.

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  1. Omg there’s another how to train your dragon?!?!? You just made my night! I’m looking forward to the next avengers too. Definitely not IT, I hate clowns with a passion and honestly that gif is going to give me nightmares tonight lol hopefully I can get it out of my head before bed lol

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