Rewatching Buffy – Episode 91

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 21 years ago.

Blood Ties

  • The gang sit around and review info about Glory from the Watchers’ Council.
  • Turns out she once shared rulership of a demon dimension with two other gods.
  • But why is she on earth now?
  • And then the subject comes around to the Key.
  • The gang figures they should find it before Glory does.
  • And Buffy reveals that she and Giles already know where it is and she’s hidden it from her friends to protect them from knowing too much.
  • So then she reveals that Dawn is the Key. That she didn’t exist before last summer. That their memories have been fabricated.
  • A bunch of Glory’s minions find a group of Byzantium Knights chanting around a fire and pick a fight.
  • The knights make short work of the scabby demons and just as they’re about to kill the last one, Glory shows up and makes short work of the knights.
  • Dawn comes up on Willow and Tara doing an early warning spell outside the shop.
  • Then she goes into the store and Anya remarks that Dawn makes a very pretty little girl.
  • The gang’s going to do a great job keeping Dawn’s true identity a secret.
  • Glory kept one of the knights alive to torture for information about the Key.
  • He knows nothing, but he’s still good for a brain sucking.
  • It’s Buffy’s birthday. These always go well.
  • Dawn gives Buffy a framed picture of the two of them from that time they visited their dad in San Diego. She decorated the frame with seashells they found together on the beach.
  • Everyone has trouble with the idea of those memories not being real.
  • Later on, Dawn is fully aware that every time she enters the room, people have clearly been talking about her.
  • When she confronts everyone, she storms up to her room. Like a mature person would.
  • Then she sneaks out of the house. Like a mature person would.
  • Dawn runs into Spike who, of course, was lurking in the back yard.
  • She tells him she wants to break into the Magic Box to steal things. So he goes with her.
  • Specifically, she wants to get her hands on a book that she knows Giles was conspicuously trying to hide from her earlier.
  • In reading this book, Dawn discovers that she is the Key.
  • She goes home and walks into the living room having cut her arm pretty severely. If she bleeds, she can’t just be some thing, right?
  • Dawn is upset and she has a lot of questions.
  • When neither Joyce nor Buffy have the answers she wants to hear, she screams at them to get out.
  • The next day at the shop, they figure out that Spike is the one that helped her get in and Buffy is not happy.
  • Dawn refuses to go to school. Blobs of energy don’t need an education.
  • Then she changes her mind when Joyce tries to be her mother.
  • At the hospital, Ben sees that one of the knights is in they psych ward now. And a scabby demon drops in with more threats from Glory.
  • Ben, once more, points out that Glory can’t lay a finger on him, so the threats are pointless.
  • That night, Dawn overhears Buffy and Joyce talking and, as usual, misinterprets what she hears.
  • She goes on a rampage in her room.
  • When Buffy hears an alarm, she assumes it’s Willow’s warning spell and is ready to face Glory. But Joyce realizes it’s a smoke detector.
  • Dawn set a fire in her trash can and then climbed back out her window again.
  • Buffy sends the gang to look for her all over town.
  • Dawn makes her way to the hospital because she wants to know what the crazy people in the psych ward see when they look at her.
  • The crazy knight knows more about her than the other crazy people, but he only upsets her without the ability to give her any real information.
  • Ben finds her as she runs out of the psych ward and treats her to a steaming cup of hot cocoa.
  • Ben comforts her by saying she has a sister that she wishes doesn’t exist. (Glory?)
  • Dawn lets it slip that she’s the Key. And Ben starts to freak out.
  • He tries to warn Dawn to get away because Glory will find her.
  • Then, as Ben screams, “She’s here!” he transforms into Glory.
  • Whoa.
  • Guess that’s why she can’t lay a finger on him when the scabby demons make her threats. Because she is him.
  • Whoa.
  • Glory recognizes Dawn as the Slayer’s sister. She wants to know why Dawn was hanging out with Ben.
  • When a security guard walks in, she snaps his neck.
  • Once the whole gang meet up with no luck, they decide to check the hospital.
  • Glory wants Dawn to tell her where the Key is. So Dawn asks what the Key looks like.
  • She’s hoping that Glory can give her more info about what the Key is. Because then maybe she’d know if she’s seen it.
  • Glory starts to get tired of the questions and realizes that Dawn doesn’t know where the Key is.
  • And she’s starting to lose it… And she’s starting to look at Dawn like her next brain meal.
  • Luckily, Buffy and the gang arrive just before she can dig her fingers into her skull.
  • Buffy, Spike, and even Xander get in on the fight. Then Willow and Tara manage to successfully perform a teleportation spell, but they’re not sure where Glory is teleported to.
  • Turns out she’s sent to about a mile above Sunnydale. Awesome.
  • Buffy explains to Dawn that she is her sister. They have the same blood. Summers blood.
  • Dawn tries to explain about Ben. He was trying to help her. She can’t remember what happened to him. He may have left before Glory got there.
  • So does that mean there’s some kind of mojo at work that keeps people from understanding the link between Ben and Glory?
  • Body count: Scabby demons – ~5; Knights of Byzantium – 4; Humans – 1

One thought on “Rewatching Buffy – Episode 91

  1. Love this one and your recap! I think it’s funny that you mention Buffy’s birthdays always going well. I think later on in season 6, Spike even says, “ever think about not celebrating your birthday?” So true! This was another great episode and Dawn really became quite annoying here, but I guess it is to be expected. You know “blobs of energy” and all that. Great recap! 🙂

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