Rewatching Angel – Episode 35

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Happy Anniversary

  • Wes, Cordelia, and Gunn are cleaning out their new office space. Things aren’t exactly going swimmingly.
  • But they’re optimistic.
  • Angel, meanwhile, turns in for the day but is awakened by the sound of someone singing the national anthem in the lobby of the Hyperion.
  • It’s the Host from Caritas. He needs Angel’s help. Because tomorrow night, the world’s gonna end.
  • He tells Angel about an unremarkable human being who got up to sing. And then there was nothing.
  • No future to read because there is no future. For anyone.
  • They need to find him because at some point between now and 10:00 tomorrow night, he’s gonna do something that’s going to end the world.
  • Turns out the unremarkable guy is a physicist working on a way to freeze time.
  • We get a glimpse into his life when his girlfriend stops by the lab. It’s a super awkward relationship, but they’re celebrating one year together tomorrow night.
  • Angel and the Host hit up local karaoke bars and discover that this kid is a grad student.
  • Back at the lab, he tries out his time freezing device, but it doesn’t work.
  • He takes a break, but a couple of eavesdropping elderly looking demons alter the equation on his whiteboard.
  • Virginia Bryce drops by the new offices of Team Angel and brings them a case. With clients that are wealthy.
  • Our grad student returns to his lab and sees the changed equation on the board and makes the corrections on his machine.
  • Eureka! It works!
  • Time to end the world!
  • He runs out to tell his girlfriend about his success, but he overhears her telling a mutual friend that she wants to break up with Gene (they finally mention the kid’s name!).
  • They discuss how she’s going to go to his place for dinner, have some sympathy sex, then break up.
  • Gene, meanwhile, formulates a plan to use his machine. He’s gonna freeze the two of them in the act of the love making.
  • Angel and the Host are able to track Gene down by doing some research in the school library.
  • But the elderly looking demons aren’t too thrilled with them trying to stop Gene from freezing time.
  • Another kid in Gene’s lab is freaking out that all of Gene’s equipment is missing.
  • Then he explains the point of Gene’s experiment to Angel and the Host.
  • He says that if the field were improperly contained, it would spill out, freezing everything.
  • On the way to Gene’s place, the Host gives Angel the kind of talk he needs to hear, seeing as how he’s off the path and all. But he’s not hearing it.
  • But Angel does break down… He’s frustrated because he’s got 200 years of crap to atone for, which he knows he never can.
  • He’s frustrated because he’s got Wolfram & Hart trying to make him crazy and, news flash, it’s working.
  • He’s frustrated because Darla actually had a shot at redemption and Wolfram & Hart took that away from her.
  • So now he’s got to hunt her down and kill her. And then he’s gonna burn the law firm to the ground.
  • He fired his crew because they couldn’t handle that, which he says is good. Because it means they’re still human.
  • The case that Team Angel was sent on turns into an Agatha Christie novel.
  • Gunn kills the demon, but Wes reveals that the demon was being controlled by someone in the family.
  • Meanwhile, Angel gets into a fight with several of those elderly looking demons on the way to Gene’s.
  • Sidebar: the actor playing Gene could definitely play Waldo if they ever decide to make a Where’s Waldo movie.
  • Gene and his girlfriend finish dinner and move to the bedroom.
  • Angel arrives just before Gene turns on the machine.
  • But the demons are guarding the machine in the basement of Gene’s apartment building.
  • One of the elderly looking demons messes with the settings and the singularity begins to expand.
  • Angel manages to shut down the machine and kill the demon.
  • Angel may have killed more of those elderly looking demons, but it really looked like, in the big brawl, he just knocked a few of them out.
  • Later, Angel and the Host talk to Gene and he’s super apologetic about what nearly happened.
  • The Host explains to him that if you hold one note for too long, it’s just noise. It’s the changes that come that make it music.
  • Hearing that talk, Angel feels a little guilty for leaving his crew out in the cold.
  • Meanwhile, the team is partying to celebrate their first closed case.
  • And then their next case walks in the door…
  • Body count: Elderly-looking demons – 1 (?); Other demons – 1

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