Rewatching Angel – Episode 34

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Blood Money

  • Wes and Gunn are at Cordelia’s figuring out their new business model when Cordy has a vision about a giant demon with two heads that breathes fire.
  • Angel, walking at night, runs into Anne, who’s carrying a box of donated clothes for the shelter where she works.
  • Anne, you may remember, from the third season premiere of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Or from a second season episode where she wanted to become a vampire.
  • Oh… Angel running into Anne was not a coincidence. He’s got tons of pictures of her.
  • Kind of makes him look like a serial killer with a shrine to his next target.
  • But the reason is clear when the camera pans over to a picture of Anne standing next to Lindsey, Wolfram & Hart’s newest co-vice president in charge of special projects.
  • Angel visits Merl again. He needs more information. At least he’s not dunking him upside down in sewer water.
  • Merl has info about why Anne’s shelter is connected to Wolfram & Hart.
  • The place was about to lose its lease when Wolfram & Hart cleared it all up pro bono.
  • Angel donates some of Cordelia’s clothes (that she left behind at the hotel) to the shelter.
  • So Anne gives him the tour.
  • Anne also talks about how Wolfram & Hart bailed the shelter out of the eviction thing and has defended some of the kids that have lived at the shelter, and they’re putting on a charity event to raise money for the shelter.
  • A big blue demon breaks into Merl’s place and wants to know how he’s helping Angel.
  • Apparently Angel and this blue demon have history.
  • Angel, meanwhile, waits for Lilah in the back seat of her car.
  • Nice little chat. More threatening than informative.
  • The next day, the blue demon, who introduces himself as Boone, visits Lilah and Lindsey at their office.
  • Boone knows that Angel is after them and wants to be there waiting for him when he comes for them.
  • While Gunn and Wes recount their victory over the two headed demon, Cordelia reveals that she’s looked into a new office space for their new agency.
  • They can’t agree on a name.
  • Lilah and some lackeys visit Merl.
  • He’s pretty popular this week.
  • Merl lets her know that he’s been following Anne for Angel.
  • Angel shows back up at the shelter and tells Anne the truth about following her and what he knows about Wolfram & Hart.
  • Lindsey shows up, too. With Boone in tow.
  • Boone and Angel fight and pretty much tear apart the shelter’s common room.
  • Angel gets away and Lindsey stops Boone from going after him. For now.
  • Anne confronts Lindsey about the proof that Angel claimed to have that Wolfram & Hart is gonna steal the money from the charity event.
  • Angel comes back to ask Anne to help him get into the charity ball. She refuses to help him.
  • Angel manages to sneak into the ball anyway.
  • But Boone is waiting for him when he gets there.
  • Their fight carries down into the main party.
  • Wolfram & Hart goons grab Angel but he doesn’t have the incriminating tape revealing the charity scam.
  • Boone reveals he’s been working with Angel the whole time.
  • Anne plays the tape and it’s not anything damaging… except maybe to Cordelia’s career.
  • But the damage has been done, because Lilah and Lindsey looked like a couple crazy people chasing after Anne to stop her from playing the tape.
  • Boone got away with all the money from the charity event.
  • Anne is angry with Angel for keeping her in the dark. Again.
  • Lindsey and Lilah are in trouble with one of their bosses. Lindsey wants to know why they can’t just kill Angel.
  • It’s revealed that Angel is prophesied to be a key player in the coming apocalypse. What side he’ll fight for is a gray area.
  • The Senior Partners want to continue making that as gray as possible.
  • Boone shows up at the hotel with all the money from the ball. Roughly $2.5 million.
  • He wagers that money on who would win in a fight between him and Angel.
  • Angel then takes all of the money to Anne. Guess we know who won the fight.
  • Body count: 2-headed demons – 1 (2?)

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