Rewatching Buffy – Episode 78

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 21 years ago.


  • Uh… be warned. This one gets weird.
  • But it’s really good. You should watch it if you have Hulu.
  • The gang is hanging out at Buffy’s house and Buffy says good-bye to Riley, who just met Joyce for the first time.
  • Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Giles are planning a movie marathon. They claim to be incredibly wired after the uber-Slayer spell they did in the last episode.
  • Then they’re all dead asleep before the FBI warning disappears on the first video.
  • Our first dream of the evening features Willow.
  • She’s writing on Tara’s back… looks like Greek.
  • Tara ominously warns Willow that she doesn’t know everything about her. She also warns that “they” don’t all know about Willow.
  • Willow looks out the window and sees a brightly lit desert. And there’s something out there.
  • Willow heads to her first drama class. Which is, actually, the production.
  • Buffy excitedly tells Willow that her whole family is in the front row and they look really angry.
  • Willow is worried because they haven’t rehearsed the play.
  • Giles is directing the play. In his pep talk, he warns that the audience wants to find you, strip you naked, and eat you alive. Then he says to hide.
  • Willow notices the thing in the desert lurking behind the crowd of actors.
  • Oh, they’re performing Death of a Salesman. Then why is Riley playing a cowboy?
  • A strange man comes out and talks to Willow about some cheese slices.
  • Dreams are weird.
  • Willow walks through a bunch of curtains and runs into Tara again. She warns her that something is following her. Oh, and the play has already started.
  • She says that people are starting to wonder about Willow, and if they find out about the real her, they’ll punish her.
  • Willow is attacked by someone with a stone knife, but Buffy saves her.
  • Buffy says the play is long over and wonders why Willow is still in costume.
  • Buffy rips off Willow’s clothes and suddenly she’s dressed in the outfit she had on in the pilot episode. And her hair is back to the way it was back then, too.
  • I guess Willow is subconsciously afraid that the person she’s become since coming to college is just a mask and the real her is still that timid and shy sophomore at Sunnydale High.
  • As she reads her book report about The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, she’s attacked by the creature that’s been stalking her dream.
  • It’s suffocating her and, in the real world, Willow struggles to breathe.
  • Xander snaps awake, as if he just dozed off. Buffy and Giles are wide awake and eating popcorn.
  • Buffy offers Xander some popcorn. He asks if it’s butter flavored. She replies, “New car smell.”
  • So Xander’s not awake.
  • He goes up to use the bathroom and runs into Buffy’s mom.
  • Clearly, Xander is subconsciously attracted to Joyce.
  • He makes his way to the bathroom and notices that a ton of Initiative soldiers and scientists are watching him intently and making notes.
  • So he looks for another bathroom, only to end up in his basement.
  • He hears something scratching and beating on the door upstairs and tells himself that’s not the way out.
  • Xander does manage to leave and is in a park. Buffy’s playing in a sandbox. Giles and Spike are swinging.
  • Spike claims that Giles is training him to be a watcher. Giles says Spike is like a son to him.
  • I really think that’s something that Xander wants… poor Xander.
  • Xander’s afraid for Buffy. It’s an awfully big sandbox (desert). But she says it’s not coming after her yet. She’s fine.
  • He looks out to the road and sees himself working in the ice cream truck.
  • Then he’s in the ice cream truck.
  • Anya tells him she’s thinking about getting back into vengeance. Then he’s distracted by Willow and Tara scantily clad in the back of the truck.
  • Anya takes over driving by making emphatic hand gestures when they invite him to join them in the back.
  • He heads back, but finds himself climbing out of the truck and back into his basement.
  • Whatever is at the upstairs door is still trying to get in.
  • Before Xander can escape the basement, the guy with the cheese shows up and tells him that the cheese slices will not protect him.
  • Dreams are weird.
  • Xander finds himself on the UC Sunnydale campus. Colors are all wrong. And Giles tries to warn Xander of something important. But he’s only speaking French. So is Anya.
  • They take him to the jungle, where he meets Principal Snyder as Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now. Xander tells him he was glad he was eaten by a big snake.
  • When Xander stands, he’s outside Giles’ apartment and he’s being chased by the thing in the desert.
  • He tries to escape through various set pieces, winding up back in his basement.
  • A shadowy figure representing his father breaks down the upstairs door. It turns into the creature from the desert and rips out his heart.
  • We move on to Giles’ dream. He’s hypnotizing Buffy.
  • Then they’re in a graveyard/carnival. But Buffy is like a needy little girl, Giles is a father figure, and his girlfriend from “Hush” is pushing an empty baby carriage.
  • Spike gets Giles to follow him into his crypt, where he’s hired himself out as a sideshow attraction.
  • Giles finds the cheese man with cheese slices on his head. He says he wears the cheese, it does not wear him.
  • Dreams are weird.
  • Then Giles heads to the Bronze. Xander and Willow are both suffering from what’s going on in their dreams.
  • Willow explains that something primal is after them.
  • Anya is on stage telling a bad joke, but she gets some fake laughs.
  • Then Giles begins singing and makes his way to the stage. It’s a good song, too.
  • Preview of the season six musical episode?
  • In his song, he figures out he has to warn Buffy because she’s probably next.
  • At the end of the song, he seems to have figured something out, but then the sound cuts out on him.
  • He follows the wires to try and figure out the issue with the sound.
  • But then the creature from the desert drops down and cuts into his forehead with the stone knife.
  • Before his dream blacks out, Giles thinks, “You never had a Watcher…”
  • What do we know? Hmm?
  • In last week’s spell, Willow was spirit, Xander was heart, Giles was mind, Buffy was hand.
  • Willow’s soul seems to be being sucked out. Xander’s heart has been ripped out. And Giles’ brain is being carved up.
  • And if this creature never had a Watcher, are we to infer that she was a Slayer?
  • In Buffy’s dream, Anya is trying to tell her she has to wake up right away.
  • But she’s in her dorm room. She looks up and sees the creature…
  • Then she wakes up in her bedroom at home. She tells Tara that she and Faith just made that bed (a reference to the end of season 3).
  • Tara says, “You think you know, what’s to come, what you are. You haven’t even begun.”
  • Buffy leaves and Tara says to “Be back before Dawn.”
  • In the UC Sunnydale halls, Joyce is living inside one of the walls.
  • She tells Joyce she shouldn’t live in there, but as Joyce suggests that she break through the wall, Buffy gets distracted and walks away.
  • Buffy walks to the Initiative and finds Riley in a suit. He’s been appointed surgeon general. He says they’re drawing up plans for world domination. The key element: coffee makers that think.
  • Riley is there with a human version of Adam.
  • When the alarm goes off Riley suggests building a fort. Adam says he’ll get the pillows.
  • Buffy tries to call out to them, letting them know that she has weapons. But her voice is quiet.
  • You know how you dream that you try to yell at someone, but no sound escapes? It’s like that.
  • In Buffy’s weapons bag is mud, which she begins spreading all over her face.
  • Riley comes back and says he thought she was looking for her friends. Then he calls her “killer” and says she’s on her own.
  • Buffy gets up and walks into the desert. She says she’ll never find them (her friends) here.
  • Tara arrives and says she has to speak for “her.”
  • She speaks for the First Slayer.
  • The First Slayer is angry because Buffy does not act alone as the Slayer. She believes she should be alone.
  • When the cheese man arrives dangling cheese slices, Buffy says it’s time to wake up.
  • Dreams are weird.
  • Buffy and the First Slayer throw down. They fight in the sand for a minute, then Buffy wakes up on the floor of her living room.
  • The First Slayer attacks again, stabbing Buffy repeatedly.
  • Buffy just tells her to give it up. “You’re not the source of me.”
  • Buffy gives the First Slayer some hair care advice and then wakes up. And they all wake up.
  • They realize that their spell upset the spirit of the First Slayer.
  • Buffy heads upstairs to take a shower. When she passes her room, she looks in and Tara’s voice echoes in her mind…
  • “You think you know what’s to come, what you are. You haven’t even begun.”

Sorry this one was so long, kids. Dreams are strange and incredibly detailed. And, honestly, I left out a lot. But that wraps up season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Come back next week to kick off season 5 with “Buffy vs. Dracula”.

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