Rewatching Buffy – Episode 72

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 21 years ago.

I know… it’s been a while. And I left you all on a cliffhanger… I’m the worst. Well, let’s get to it, shall we? Just to jog your memories, last time, Faith woke from her coma. Then she and Buffy switched bodies.

Who Are You?

  • For the record, until they switch back, when I say Buffy, you need to picture Faith. When I say Faith, you need to picture Buffy.
  • The police cart Buffy away in an ambulance while Faith is comforted by Joyce.
  • Joyce talks to Faith… wondering aloud why Faith is the way she is… what drove her to behave the way she does.
  • Faith says that maybe she likes acting like that. Joyce, ever the optimist, will never believe that.
  • Faith takes a bath and gets used to her new body. In the mirror, she practices being Buffy.
  • Meanwhile, Buffy is freaking out. So the doctors sedate her, of course.
  • Let’s not hear her out when she claims that Faith took her body. Because that’s crazy talk.
  • Willow is hiding out at Tara’s. They have a talk about why Tara knows all about them, but they know nothing about Tara.
  • Willow confesses that, outside the Scooby Gang, it’s nice to have something that’s just hers. To which Tara replies that she is hers.
  • This is probably the first explicit indication that Willow and Tara are more than friends.
  • Faith swipes Joyce’s credit card and buys a plane ticket. But first, Joyce tells her that Giles called and wants her to meet with him and the others.
  • Buffy wakes up in the back of a police car. Which is smashed into by the less than subtle Watcher’s trio, who take Buffy into custody.
  • That went really well for them when they took the real Faith into custody. Doubt it’ll go any better when it’s Buffy they’ve grabbed.
  • Faith arrives at Giles’ place. She clearly doesn’t know Anya.
  • She brags about how she beat Faith up and the cops took her away.
  • Giles shares that “Faith” is probably not in police custody anymore, what with the trio on the loose.
  • Faith laughs at the fact that Buffy will be in England for a very long time.
  • When Willow expresses her true feelings toward Faith, Faith imagines stabbing her in the gut a couple times. But then, in reality, she says she’d never let Faith hurt her.
  • Giles expresses concern about Adam. But then Faith just heads to the Bronze.
  • She runs into Spike. She really doesn’t know who he is.
  • When he talks about himself in the third person, she understands exactly who he is.
  • Let’s just say she has a little fun with him. And then he makes a threat about the hypothetical moment he gets that chip out of his head.
  • A quartet of vampires come home to their lair and find Adam there. He easily beheads one of them.
  • Adam points out that vampires fear death, despite being technically immortal.
  • Buffy wakes up again. She tries to explain about the Freaky Friday scenario. They don’t buy it.
  • Willow brings Tara to the Bronze because she’s never been there before.
  • She sees Faith playing drinking games and introduces Tara to “Buffy.”
  • While Tara is left alone with Faith, she quickly figures out that Willow and Tara are more than friends.
  • And then Faith is super mean to Tara.
  • Willow comes back and warns Faith about a vampire, so she goes out and easily slays. Even though she apparently didn’t want to.
  • The girl Faith saves is grateful. I mean, she just says thank you… but it kind of affects Faith.
  • Back inside, Willow is taking Tara home because she “doesn’t feel well.” Then Willow asks if Faith will be home later or if she’s going to Riley’s. And Faith smirks.
  • Buffy gets the upper hand on one of the trio, threatening to kill him unless they let her go. The leader claims that, before each mission, they all put their affairs in order. He’s expendable.
  • Of course Buffy won’t kill the guy. Because she’s one of the good guys.
  • Faith would’ve snapped his neck in a second. If you’re looking for a sign fellas, there it is.
  • Tara reveals that Buffy isn’t Buffy. She doesn’t think that Buffy is herself. Buffy’s energy was fragmented.
  • Tara thinks there’s a spell that will help them figure out what’s up with Buffy.
  • Faith arrives at Riley’s place. And she is very Faith-like in her attempted seduction of Riley. It doesn’t work on him… until it does.
  • At the end of it, in a tender moment, Riley tells her he loves her. Faith freaks out.
  • But the way she talks… it’s like she’s not Faith or Buffy at this point. May have something to do with Tara and Willow’s spell.
  • Back in the vampire lair, Adam lectures the vampires. He tells them that his reason for existing is to extinguish life wherever he finds it. He wants the vampires to be his harbingers.
  • As Faith leaves Riley’s, she has a run in with Forrest. He calls her a killer. She gets defensive and says she’s the Slayer.
  • Buffy’s next attempt to escape works out when she gets a gun away from the trio.
  • She shoots through her chains and the lock on her cage, then drives away in their armored truck.
  • Buffy gets to Giles’ place and manages to convince him that she’s not actually Faith.
  • Willow and Tara arrive with a solution to the body switching conundrum.
  • Xander calls and tells them to turn on the news. They find out that a trio of vampires have barricaded themselves inside a church. With hostages.
  • Faith is at the airport and sees the report on the TV as well.
  • Riley shows up and takes command of the situation from the police.
  • Faith arrives and Riley doesn’t want her going in alone. She says, “I’m Buffy, I have to do this.”
  • Faith seems to be having a crisis of conscience in all the body switching.
  • She barges in and trades a few quips with the vampires. She says they’re not gonna kill any of these people. And she actually sounds like she means it.
  • Buffy and the gang arrive, but they can’t get inside.
  • Faith and the vamps fight. She dusts one of them.
  • Another vampire escapes, but Riley throws him into direct sunlight.
  • The leader of the trio gets the upper hand on Faith, but Buffy arrives in time to stake him.
  • Then Faith attacks Buffy. Seeing Buffy in her own body, she snaps. Calls her nothing… disgusting… can’t stand looking in the proverbial mirror.
  • Buffy manages to switch their bodies back and Faith runs off.
  • In the aftermath, Buffy and Riley talk. And it comes out that Riley admits he slept with her. But for him, it was Buffy.
  • In the end, Faith rides away in an empty boxcar.
  • Body count: Vampires – 5

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