Rewatching Angel – Episode 16

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

The Ring

  • Wes and Cordelia are arguing, per usual, when a Darren McNamara stumbles in needing help.
  • He looks like he was on the losing side of a pretty severe fist fight.
  • He says that his brother Jack was abducted and his severed finger was left in his mailbox. And that he wasn’t abducted by people…
  • Darren talks about how Jack owed a lot of money to a bookie, so Angel goes to have a little talk with the bookie.
  • The bookie reveals that it’s not about the money anymore.
  • Angel gets the bookie to reveal that there’s a place underground he can check out where Jack might be.
  • Meanwhile, Wesley and Cordelia take Darren’s description of the demon and discover that he’s described a Howler demon.
  • Angel, checking out the underground and is attacked by two of these Howlers. They claim they sold Jack.
  • Which leads Angel to a pretty upscale party. Red carpet. Fancy clothes. Bouncer looking for tickets.
  • Angel finds a way in and discovers that it’s a demon fight club. The wealthy bet on demonic gladiators, complete with chanting for the winner to kill the loser. Which one readily does.
  • Angel spots Jack in the crowd. When he follows, he soon finds out it’s a trap.
  • He was set up to be captured and made a part of the underground demon fight club.
  • Angel wakes up in a cage. Jack comes in to explain rules to his new slave.
  • There’s a red line on the floor. If a demon crosses it, the wristband makes sure they realize it was a mistake.
  • The only way the wristband comes off is after their 21st kill in the ring.
  • Angel boldly states that he won’t kill.
  • But then he really starts making friends with the other gladiators. And what I mean by “making friends” is that he’s doing the exact opposite.
  • When the McNamara boys come in to read off the schedule for the night’s matches, Angel’s cellmate decides to show us all what happens when you cross the red line.
  • It’s not like an invisible fence that gives your dog a little shock when they cross it. No… any demon who crosses the red line is vaporized.
  • Angel is forced into the ring to fight a scrawny looking demon. But Angel’s continually playing defense.
  • Wes confronts the bookie that Angel visited and traces Angel down to the fight club.
  • Cordelia and Wesley pretend to be police detectives and manage to score a pair of tickets to get into the fight.
  • Angel still refuses to fight. But when the other demon pulls a knife, his vamp face shows up and he’s forced to kill the scrawny demon.
  • When Angel heads back to the cells, he stops the crowd favorite and tries to tell him that they can work together and fight their captors. But they have to stop fighting each other.
  • The champ just tells him he’ll kill his opponent quickly.
  • He keeps his word.
  • When Jack gets cocky, Angel grabs him and pulls him to his side of the red line. None of the other demons help him out.
  • So Angel tells the guards to get Darren. So Darren shoots Jack… kills him dead. They must have been close as brothers.
  • The guards rush in with cattle prods and knock Angel out.
  • Angel wakes up in Lilah Morgan’s office. She’s an associate with Wolfram & Hart.
  • Lilah convinced McNamara to sell Angel’s contract to the firm. So he’s free.
  • She thinks she can convince Angel to work with Wolfram & Hart. He’d rather go back to the coliseum than join Wolfram & Hart.
  • Wes got his hands on one of the wristbands and is trying to crack it open. He’s not having much luck.
  • When Angel returns, Darren locks the band on his wrist and informs him that Angel is fighting Trepkos (the champ) tonight. Oh, and he’ll be Trepkos’ 21st kill.
  • In the fight, Trepkos promises, again, to kill him quickly.
  • Wes sneaks into the cell area and promises to give the demons a key to unlock the cuffs if they help him save Angel. Of course, one of the demons just manages to grab the key without helping.
  • Angel has Trepkos by throat and could kill him, but he refuses. The demon that took Wesley’s key sees this.
  • Just before Trepkos can kill Angel, he stops. This silences the crowd.
  • Then Darren orders the guards to kill them both.
  • When Wes threatens to shoot Darren if he doesn’t call off the guards, all of the enslaved demons break out and attack the crowd. At least one guard is killed.
  • McNamara falls into the ring and a demon slaps a cuff on his wrist. Trepkos then throws him over the red line and he disintegrates.
  • So the good guys win. And they release a bunch of angry demons onto the streets of LA. Well done, team.
  • Body count: Fight Club Demon – 3; Humans – 3

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