Rewatching Buffy – Episode 66

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 21 years ago.


  • Before we start this one, you should know this is one of my favorite episodes (number two on the Top 10 List I did a couple years back). I pretty much think it’s brilliant.
  • Buffy’s in psych class and Walsh is talking about communication, making it clear that she doesn’t necessarily mean talking.
  • She has Buffy come to the front of the classroom and lie down on her desk.
  • Then she has Riley approach.
  • So whose dream is this? Buffy’s or Riley’s?
  • Riley says, “If I kiss you, it’ll make the sun go down.” And then he does. And then it does.
  • Definitely a Buffy prophecy kind of dream.
  • She follows the sound of a girl singing about the Gentlemen… who are the Gentlemen?
  • If they’re anything like the thing that startles Buffy out of her dream, they’re super creepy looking: tall, pale, bald, broad grin, fancy suit… Very Slender Man.
  • Buffy and Riley both make up flimsy excuses not to hang out that evening. Clearly they both have demon fighting duties that they can’t tell each other about.
  • Buffy calls Giles to tell her about his dream and the rhyme she heard the girl singing about the Gentlemen.
  • Giles asks Spike if he’s ever heard of the Gentlemen. It’s like watching The Odd Couple.
  • Xander and Anya are approaching Giles’ place arguing about their relationship.
  • Xander’s reason for stopping by? Giles needs him to take Spike for a few days because he has an adult friend coming to stay with him.
  • Willow has decided to get involved with a Wicca group. She thinks they’re into the magic, but she finds out they’re just a bunch of lame girls who want to have bake sales.
  • But we do get a brief glimpse of a shy, timid girl named Tara.
  • She’ll be important later.
  • Xander ties Spike up before going to bed. Spike won’t shut up. That should be fun.
  • Giles’ friend Olivia arrives. They kiss. Giles neglects his Gentlemen research.
  • In a clock tower, presumably on campus somewhere, the creepy Slender Man guys (henceforth known as the Gentlemen) open a box.
  • All over Sunnydale, CGI fog escapes from the sleeping peoples’ mouths. It all makes its way into the box.
  • The next morning, Buffy wakes up and goes about her routine. Seems odd that there’s a girl making her way down the hall crying, but Buffy gets back to her room with no problems.
  • Then she and Willow attempt to say good morning to one another. Neither of them has a voice.
  • Willow thinks she’s gone deaf.
  • In the hallway, more students are dealing with no voice.
  • Xander wakes up and thinks Spike did something to him.
  • He tries to call Buffy and Willow. But what’s the point of using the phone when you can’t speak?
  • Riley and his Initiative boys head down to HQ. This is a problem because part of their identification requires a vocal imprint. That won’t work.
  • All over town, people are depressed over not being able to communicate.
  • A guy is selling dry erase boards for $10 apiece. Buffy and Willow give disapproving looks at the opportunist.
  • But when they get to Giles’ place, they’re both wearing message boards around their necks.
  • On TV, the news is chalking it up to a laryngitis outbreak.
  • Buffy tells Giles to keep researching. She’ll need to be in town.
  • Walsh tells the Initiative guys to maintain a presence in town to help keep order.
  • Buffy and Riley run into each other. They hug, and let each other know that they’re both okay.
  • As they leave to go their separate ways, Riley grabs her and kisses her for the first time.
  • Meanwhile, the Gentlemen are stirring. The ones that look like Slender Man float everywhere. They travel in pairs. But they’re flanked by a couple of straitjacket wearing lunatic demons.
  • Olivia wakes up during the night and looks out the window, startled when a Gentleman floats by staring in at her with his creepy grin.
  • We see the Gentlemen scoping out one of the UC Sunnydale dorms. They enter a room and attack a guy who soundlessly screams as he’s murdered with a scalpel.
  • Back at the clock tower, we see that the Gentlemen are collecting human hearts in jars.
  • Kind of gives that Christina Perri song a whole new meaning, huh?
  • Giles sees the news of a heartless kid, paired with Olivia’s sketch of the Gentleman she saw, and figures out what’s going on.
  • He uses an old school overhead projector to explain to the gang who the Gentlemen are, what they’re doing, and how they can be stopped.
  • They need seven hearts. They have at least two. (Guess I need to add an extra death to the body count, even though it wasn’t on screen.)
  • They can be stopped by the scream of a fair maiden. And it can’t be a recording.
  • So Buffy wants to know how she gets her voice back. But Giles doesn’t know.
  • Buffy patrols. Riley suits up.
  • Riley makes his way to the clock tower. He sees movement inside and, I guess, that’s suspicious.
  • Tara, from Wicca group, heads out alone at night. Always a good idea in Sunnydale.
  • She’s going to find Willow because she might have a helpful spell. Then she’s spotted by a pair of Gentlemen.
  • Tara tries to get away, but no one hears her cries for help and no one answers their doors in the dorm.
  • Buffy gets ambushed by a couple straitjacket demons. She snaps one of their necks.
  • In the clock tower, Riley takes on a bunch of the straitjackets.
  • Tara finally gets someone to open a dorm room door, but it’s another Gentleman. And he has a heart.
  • And she’s still being chased.
  • She literally runs into Willow and they make a run for it.
  • Buffy follows a straitjacket into the clock tower where she runs into Riley.
  • Huh… what are you doing here?
  • They’re kind of on the same team, so they help each other out. And Riley seems super impressed.
  • Willow and Tara try to lock out the straitjackets and Gentlemen, but they have a hard time moving a vending machine to block the door.
  • Willow tries telepathy. Then she and Tara take hands. Together they’re strong enough to shove the vending machine against the door.
  • Buffy follows a straitjacket upstairs and sees the jars of hearts.
  • She’s held down by several straitjackets while a Gentleman approaches with a scalpel.
  • Riley tasers a few of them so Buffy can get loose.
  • Buffy recognizes the Gentlemen’s box from her dream. She gets Riley to smash it.
  • She gets her voice back immediately. And she screams.
  • All the Gentlemen’s heads explode.
  • The next day, Willow and Tara bond over their actual witchcraft. Easier to communicate with the voices.
  • Riley stops by Buffy’s room. They need to talk.
  • Neither of them says a word.
  • Body count: Humans – 3; Gentlemen – All of them

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