Rewatching Angel – Episode 8

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

I Will Remember You

  • Angel’s winding a clock while Cordelia and Doyle look on.
  • They’re worried that seeing Buffy has messed him up.
  • He says he’s fine because she never even knew he was there.
  • Cordelia tells Angel that if her ex came to down and lurked in the shadows without letting her know he was there, she’d be upset.
  • So would Buffy. And she says so as she walks into Angel’s office.
  • Buffy says she’s there to visit her dad. But not really.
  • She’s pretty much pissed.
  • But they have a talk and decide they should just avoid each other for as long as it takes to forget that they were once in love.
  • As she begins to leave, a demon bursts through Angel’s window.
  • They fight, and Angel manages to stab the demon with its own sword. It bleeds antifreeze, which should make it easy to track. Since it gets away.
  • They track the wounded demon until Angel loses its scent. So they split up.
  • Angel feels a little weird from touching the demon’s blood, which is apparently powerful stuff.
  • While Buffy searches the surface, Angel keeps searching the sewers.
  • Angel wins the search. The demon manages to cut Angel’s hand, but Angel runs him through with a sword again.
  • But this time, the demon’s blood infects Angel through his open wound.
  • After he’s washed in a bright white light, Angel realizes that he’s alive.
  • Doyle and Cordelia return to the office and see the mess left behind in the office, assuming Angel and Buffy had a big fight.
  • Angel walks in through the front door. Doyle is the first to realize Angel is human.
  • For the first time in a couple hundred years, Angel is hungry for real food.
  • Doyle does some research and finds out the demon is a Mohra demon. Basically a mercenary that takes out powerful warriors. Its blood has regenerative properties.
  • Angel is having an existential crisis. He wants to know why this has happened to him. So he wants to communicate with the Powers That Be.
  • So Doyle takes him to see the Oracles.
  • They tell him that he’s no longer a warrior. This is not what was intended, but since it happened, it was meant to be.
  • Now that he knows he can embrace being a real boy, Angel goes out to find Buffy. In the daylight. Without bursting into flames.
  • They kiss. And then they do more than kiss. But this time, he doesn’t lose his soul. Certainly makes their relationship a lot more convenient.
  • Cordelia and Doyle are drowning their sorrows. Not sure what life has in store for either of them now that Angel’s human.
  • Doyle is relieved that he may not have visions anymore. And then he gets one.
  • The Mohra demon isn’t as dead as Angel believed it to be. It’s gonna attack again. And it’s come back bigger and stronger than before.
  • Doyle lets Angel know about the demon, so they set out. Doyle thinks it’s a good idea to bring Buffy, but Angel wants to leave her to sleep.
  • They track the demon and it attacks. Angel, being a normal human, probably doesn’t stand a chance against this thing.
  • Yeah, he’s kinda getting his butt handed to him.
  • Buffy gets Cordelia to spill about where Angel really went. So she goes after him.
  • Buffy saves Angel just as the demon is about to kill him. Then she kills the demon by smashing the jewel in its forehead.
  • After it’s over, Angel realizes he can’t live like this if the darkness is coming. He goes back to the Oracles.
  • They agree to turn back time. Angel will remember the day that disappears.
  • He breaks the news to Buffy. He loves her more than ever, and if he stays mortal, one or both of them will wind up dead.
  • It’s kind of heartbreaking.
  • And then it’s yesterday again.
  • The Mohra attacks. Angel smashes the jewel right away. Game over.
  • Body count: Mohra demon – 1

3 thoughts on “Rewatching Angel – Episode 8

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  3. You forgot to mention that Angel breaks the jewel with the clock– with time. I loved that symbolism once I finally understood it.
    Also, I always wanted them to reference this demon in the future, even just with a quick inside joke. “There is no cure.” “Well, actually, there is…”

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