Rewatching Angel – Episode 5

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Rm with a Vu

  • Cordelia’s complaining about a commercial she didn’t get.
  • When a friend from Sunnydale calls the office, the machine picks up. Cordelia doesn’t want to talk about how horrible things have been going since she got to LA, so she doesn’t answer.
  • Doyle offers a place to stay away from her crappy apartment if she wants it sometime. She scoffs.
  • Then she goes home to a broken sink, broken lights, and roaches everywhere. So she calls Doyle.
  • Just as Doyle arrives at his own place, the phone is ringing.
  • But before he can pick up, he’s greeted by a demon who has apparently been there waiting on him.
  • He’s there to collect money that Doyle owes someone. Doyle hits him and gets away.
  • Since Doyle didn’t answer, Cordelia goes to Angel’s place.
  • She has invited herself to stay there until she’s able to find a new place, however long it takes.
  • The next morning, Doyle comes in to the office and heads down to Angel’s.
  • He sees Cordelia there in a bathrobe and assumes that she and Angel hooked up.
  • Angel notices the bruise on Doyle’s hand. He makes an excuse about badminton.
  • Angel sees through it and Doyle confesses about the demon looking to collect.
  • Angel asks Doyle to find Cordelia an apartment and he’ll deal with Doyle’s demon.
  • So Doyle takes Cordelia to look at some places while Angel scopes out Doyle’s place.
  • He gets attacked by the demon, thinking he’s Doyle.
  • Doyle is able to find her a very nice furnished apartment. What’s the catch?
  • There’s a face in the walls…
  • For me, that’d be a deal breaker. But since Cordelia doesn’t notice it, I guess it’s not a problem. Yet.
  • Angel convinces the demon not to kill Doyle because he can guarantee that Doyle will pay.
  • Cordelia’s place is definitely haunted. And it’s not a friendly ghost.
  • Throughout the night and the next morning, she tries to pretend that she’s not scared. Because, you know, she’s from Sunnydale. But she’s terrified.
  • Angel and Doyle drop by to visit. When the walls start dripping blood in the form of the word “die,” they convince Cordelia to leave.
  • While Doyle researches the apartment, Cordelia explains to Angel that she thinks the way things have been going for her is because she’s being punished for how she was in high school.
  • The ghost is that of Maude Pearson who died of a heart attack in the 40s. Doyle goes to gather the supplies for a cleansing spell.
  • Later in the day, Cordelia gets a call from Angel telling her to meet them at the apartment.
  • It’s a trap!
  • It was Maude the whole time!
  • She’s a hateful spirit who wants to kill Cordelia. Because she’s confusing Cordelia with a girl her son once interacted with.
  • Angel is checking with Detective Kate. They discover that Maude’s death was investigated because she’d had a lot of arguments with her son, Dennis. Over Dennis’ fiancee.
  • According to records, the apartment has seen a lot of death over the years. Deaths that are made to look like suicides.
  • The ghost tries to hang Cordelia, but Angel and Doyle show up in time to save her.
  • Maude pretty much broke Cordelia.
  • Angel tries to snap Cordelia out of her weakness by reminding her that she used to be the girl who didn’t take crap off of anyone.
  • It’s not working. So they all try to leave.
  • But they’re stopped by Doyle’s collection demon. And a couple of his friends. With guns.
  • Maude manages to kill one of the demons. Then she pulls Cordelia into the bedroom.
  • Maude makes the mistake of calling Cordelia a bitch. That wakes up Cordy’s inner bitch. She remembers who she is.
  • Cordelia manages to push the ghost out, and then Angel breaks the neck of the other demon.
  • For the record, their third guy ran away.
  • In a trance, Cordelia begins to tear down a wall in the apartment, revealing the skeleton of Dennis.
  • Maude buried him inside the wall to keep him from leaving her. And as soon as she finished it, she had a heart attack and died.
  • The ghost of Dennis takes out his mother’s ghost.
  • Cordelia manages to call her friend to brag about her great new place. Dennis makes his presence known. But he’s much nicer than his mom.
  • Body count: Demons – 2; I’m not counting the ghost deaths, because they were already dead…

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