A League of Their Own

Have you seen A League of Their Own? It’s a great movie. You should see it if you haven’t.

A League of Their Own - Ball.gifBasically, it’s a fictionalized account of the real-life women’s professional baseball league that was formed during World War II. Geena Davis plays Dottie Hinson, Lori Petty is her younger sister, Kit, and Tom Hanks plays their team manager, Jimmy Dugan.

All right, if you haven’t seen it, you should probably stop reading now. Because I’m going to completely spoil the ending. But, you know, it’s a movie that’s more than a quarter century old. If you don’t know how it ends by now, that’s on you.

I do love this movie. But the ending infuriates me.

Kit spends the entire movie whining and complaining that Dottie is holding her back. She’s got a serious inferiority complex. She almost can’t be blamed for it, Dottie is the “Queen of Diamonds.” It’s clear that Dottie is the superior sibling, better at practically everything.

What makes me mad is that, in the end, Dottie hands her little sister the World Series. As the catcher, Dottie has the ball in her hands and she’s waiting at home plate to tag Kit out. Kit barrels into Dottie and Dottie drops the ball. You can’t tell me that she didn’t drop it on purpose.A League of Their Own - Ending.gifWhat lesson does that teach the younger Kit? That if you whine and complain about how awesome your big sister is, eventually she’ll give in and feel sorry for you and let you win the biggest game of both your careers?

It’s like when parents give in to their kid at Walmart because they’re throwing a temper tantrum over wanting a toy. I’m sure I don’t have room to judge, seeing as how I’m not a parent and all. I just hope that, if I do ever have kids of my own, that I’ll stand strong and not condition my kids to scream and shout whenever they don’t get their way.

Another thing about this movie… They make a big deal about making it to the playoffs, and then the World Series. But as far as we know, and as far as this movie ever reveals to the audience, there are only four teams that make up the beginning of this women’s professional baseball league. If there are only four teams, doesn’t that mean that they all make the playoffs?A League of Their Own - Crying.gif

One thought on “A League of Their Own

  1. Woah! I never picked up on that part where she probably dropped the ball on purpose. I always thought it was just a dramatic sports movie moment where the audience is supposed to yell “Nooooo” in slow motion. Then again, I haven’t seen this movie in years so maybe I’m mis-remembering.

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