After Seeing Justice League

I’m just gonna say it up front. I liked it.

Justice League - Arthur, Diana, VictorI know a lot of people won’t. I’ve come to accept that I live in a world where the majority of moviegoers believe that the people at Marvel can do no wrong and the people at DC can do no right.

And I think I’ve come by that impression honestly. There’s a YouTube channel that I follow called CinemaSins. The premise that this particular YouTube creator works with is that “no movie is without sin.” It’s true, no movie is perfect. Every movie contains mistakes.

I’ve actually been subscribed to this channel for years. At first, I got a kick out of this guy being nitpicky with movies in the same way I usually am with movies I’ve seen multiple times. But I haven’t actually watched any of his videos for, probably, over a year. Because there’s only so much negativity I can take. Yeah, even me.

Anyway, I bring up this YouTube channel because, every time he points out the flaws in a DC Comics movie, either the first or second sin that he points out is that it is a DC Comics movie. As though it’s inherently wrong for a film to be based on a DC Comics property. He posted a video pointing out the mistakes in Wonder Woman earlier this week. Wonder Woman is, arguably, the best movie to come out of what’s being called the DC Extended Universe. But even in that, he counts it as a sin for it to be a DC movie.

That’s fine. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. I just grow tired of everyone assuming a movie is going to suck just because the letters DC show up in the opening credits.

But I liked Justice League. That’s my opinion. It was better than Batman v. Superman. It was way better than Suicide Squad. But it doesn’t touch Wonder Woman.

It wasn’t a perfect movie. There’s a lot going on. You’ve got a lot of characters to juggle when you have a team of characters where you’ve really only been introduced to half of them before the movie starts. But I thought they did a decent job introducing and reintroducing everyone. I pretty much liked each of the heroes and look forward to seeing individual films that are coming down the pipeline.

I will say that the villain, Steppenwolf, was a weak character. Certain aspects of his history within the context of the film just didn’t match up with who he turned out to be as the movie played out in the present. I’m sure that a lot of that can be blamed on the changes made after the success of Wonder Woman and reshoots earlier in the year.

There really is a lot to like about this movie. Especially if you’re a DC fan. It’s definitely worth seeing. If you identify as a Marvel, there’s a good chance you’re not going to be willing to see anything good about the movie.

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