Rewatching Buffy – Episode 47

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 20 years ago.

I’ve gotten back to Questions of the Week and the AFI countdown… I may as well get back to the Buffy reruns, right? I’m not sure that many (if any…) read and enjoy these posts. But, honestly, when I was doing them, I wasn’t so much watching and writing for an audience. I was doing it for me. Buffy still stands out as my favorite TV show of all time. It’s fun to rewatch the show and see what’s still relevant… and what’s not. Who am I kidding… it’s all still relevant.

The Zeppo

  • Before I even start it, I remember this being a Xander-centric episode. I think Sarah Michelle Gellar needed a Buffy light episode due to a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live.
  • We open on a creepy cave. Two Slayers. One Watcher. A witch.
  • …and Xander.
  • Since Giles was fired from the Watcher’s Council, his fashion sense has seemingly changed. He’s not wearing tweed.
  • The gang were taking out a trio of lady demon types. No one’s too sure what they were up to. Probably no good.
  • As the demons often do.
  • Xander’s trying to be cool with some of the cool guys throwing football in the quad.
  • He misses when they decide to throw the ball to him, but he misses and has an encounter with a homicidal bully named O’Toole.
  • Cordelia is super comforting. Except that she’s not. She kind of has fun tearing him down a little more.
  • Xander goes to Oz for tips on how to be cool.
  • Meanwhile, Giles has discovered that the dead demon trio is part of a sisterhood that are looking to bring about the end of the world.
  • Always exciting when there’s an apocalypse to avert.
  • Xander thinks that having a car will make him cool. Buffy fills him in on the big evil happening. He offers to help.
  • So, of course, he’s sent to pick up donuts for the Scooby Gang.
  • Cordelia tries to pour salt on his uncool wounds, but then some new pretty girl takes interest in Xander’s new car.
  • It’s working!
  • While out with new girl, Xander has a little fender bender with none other than homicidal bully, O’Toole.
  • Back in the library, research is turning up nothing and Giles is frustrated that his contacts at the Watcher’s Council are ignoring his calls.
  • Oh, and it’s a full moon, so Oz is in werewolf mode. That helps matters, I’m sure.
  • Back at Xander’s accident… O’Toole pulls a Crocodile Dundee knife.
  • It’s broken up by a cop. Xander covers for O’Toole. And O’Toole appreciates that. Suddenly they’re besties.
  • Xander’s wheel man. O’Toole wants to go pick up the boys.
  • Which involves raising the dead. The first of whom just happens to be the guy who played Abraham on The Walking Dead. Fitting that an early role for this guy is as a zombie.
  • They end up resurrecting two more of O’Toole’s dead friends for a night out on the town.
  • Giles is at another graveyard trying to contact some kind of spirits for info on the coming apocalypse. They’re not helpful.
  • Buffy goes to Willie’s bar to get info. That dude’s been beaten to a pulp. He warns Buffy that these lady demons are serious business and advises her to get Angel and contemplate their last night on earth.
  • Xander’s still driving the undeadmobile. They decide they want to “bake a cake.”
  • I’m pretty sure that translates to “make a bomb.”
  • Xander bumps into Willow while the guys are stealing their supplies. He decides he wants to go help the gang.
  • But his new undead buddies think that just means he doesn’t feel like he’s part of their gang. And, to be initiated, he has to die.
  • Turns out O’Toole is dead, too. Killed in a drive by shooting three weeks earlier.
  • Xander manages to drive off and comes across Faith fighting one of the she-demons. He runs down the demon with his car, but doesn’t kill the thing.
  • He and Faith hide out in her motel room.
  • Where they have sex.
  • No time for cuddling… she kicks him out pretty much immediately after.
  • Xander figures out that “bake a cake” actually does mean “make a bomb.” He doesn’t know what to do.
  • He goes to find Buffy at Angel’s place. They’re having a really serious moment that Xander interrupts.
  • Then he can’t bring himself to disrupt their doomsday prepping. So he leaves again.
  • As it turns out, Team Zombie has armed their bomb in the school’s basement.
  • So… what’s worse? High school blows up? Or the Hellmouth opens up in the library?
  • Xander drives along, comes across the zombies, and grabs one of them while he’s driving, interrogating along the way.
  • Then he accidentally beheads him on a mailbox.
  • Xander heads to the school to disarm the bomb.
  • Cut to the open Hellmouth… giant tentacle demon has emerged.
  • The three remaining undead boys search for Xander. Zombie Abraham catches up to Xander first. Xander drops a soda machine on him.
  • Xander chases down another zombie with an ax… then they’re both chased by she-demons. The demons catch zombie boy and remove him from the equation.
  • Xander finds the bomb… no clue how to disarm it.
  • Then O’Toole finds Xander. They have a decent little fight. Then Xander convinces O’Toole that he needs to disarm the bomb… because being blown up is different that driving around and drinking with your undead friends.
  • So he disarms it. Then O’Toole is eaten by werewolf Oz.
  • Somehow, off camera, the good guys closed the Hellmouth. Yay.
  • And Xander was uninvolved.
  • Body count: Demons – 3; Zombies – 4

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