AFI #16 – Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard - Poster

Sunset Boulevard


Directed by Billy Wilder

Netflix says… Running from debt collectors, screenwriter Joe Gillis stumbles upon the crumbling mansion of former silent-film star Norma Desmond. As he begins penning a comeback screenplay for her, their professional relationship evolves into something more.

Oh, good. More noir… I’m still not sure I’m a fan of this genre. I mean, sure, I liked The Maltese Falcon all right. Double Indemnity wasn’t bad. With this being higher on the list, maybe it’ll be better than those.

Now that I’ve seen it, I liked the other two noir films I’ve seen better. Not that this was bad. It was just… disturbing. I guess that’s the word I’m going for. Norma Desmond was crazy-go-nuts. That last scene… I can’t imagine what it must be like to be someone who is witnessing a once respected public figure’s spiral into madness. That was a rough one.Sunset Boulevard - Close Up

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