Primary Colors

Kids, today is an election day in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you call Virginia your home, did you vote today?

It may be an election day in other places, too. I don’t know about those. Because I only live in Virginia and, clearly, only care about what happens in my own little universe.

But, in Virginia, it’s the day when we cast our ballots for who we want to see on the gubernatorial ticket in the main election this November. It’s primary day! Isn’t that exciting?

I almost feel like voting in the primary election is more of a chance to vote against the people you don’t want to see on the ballot in the main election. Or should it be called the secondary election?

Anyway, that’s kind of what I did. I had to pick which party I was participating with. Which I really don’t like to do. I don’t consider myself republican or democrat. Though, I’m sure there are those who would argue that, simply by virtue of placing republican before democrat in the above line that I am, in fact, a republican. That’s just not true, though. I’ll vote for the person in either party that I think has his or her constituents’ best interests at heart.

Then why vote at all? *rimshot*

When I went into the precinct this morning and was asked which party’s primary I would be participating in, I said I didn’t know. Because, honestly, on both sides, there are people running that I’d rather not see as possibilities come November. But I feel like I’ve seen more ads for the republican candidates recently, so I, therefore, feel like I know more about what they stand for and what I can agree or disagree with.

So I picked republican. That doesn’t mean I’ve declared loyalty to the republican party. At least, I don’t think it does. I’m loyal to America! Not this bipartisan mess that we’ve turned it into!

Anyway, I picked republican because I knew there were several of those candidates running that I’d really rather not have a shot in the fall. So my vote for a particular candidate for governor and/or lieutenant governor was really a vote against another candidate.

Democracy at its finest.Vote for Pedro.gif

One thought on “Primary Colors

  1. That’s exactly why I voted yesterday, too. I’ve never voted in a primary before, but I want to see some change, and hopefully more people do too. I actually have a friend that worked on the campaign for one of the candidates and she said there was a higher turnout during this primary than there was for last ‘secondary’ (as you put it). Crazy!

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