Rewatching Buffy – Episodes 19, 20, & 21

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 20 years ago.

Lie to Me

  • We open on a little boy waiting for his mom in a park. At night. Never a good idea in Sunnydale.
  • And here’s a good reason why: Drusilla appears and talks to the kid. “What will your mummy sing when they find your body?” Odd way to start a conversation.
  • Angel stops her from killing the kid. Clearly, they have a past.
  • Buffy spots the two of them talking. Closely. Probably misreads the situation, as any of us with emotion would tend to do.
  • New guy at school, Ford, is one of Buffy’s best friends from her old school.
  • Ford to Buffy: “I know all your darkest secrets.” Xander: “Care to make a small wager on that?”
  • Ford noticing Angel: “He’s not in school. He looks older.” Xander: “You’re not wrong.”
  • Ford shakes Angel’s hand: “Whoa… cold hands.” Xander: “You’re not wrong.”
  • Great dialogue, kids.
  • Buffy and Ford go for a walk, but she tries to get rid of him so she can fight a vampire. She slays. Ford witnesses.
  • Turns out he’s known about her Slayer status for a while.
  • Later, Ford goes to this shady place. Sort of a goth night club. Or possibly a bunch of role playing geeks.
  • They’re a cult of… I wanna say vampire worshipers. Vampire admirers? Wannabes?
  • Angel wants Willow to do a search for Ford on the internet. He’s jealous. But he also gets a bad feeling about him.
  • Buffy and Ford go on patrol. They get separated fighting two vampires. Buffy slays. Ford gets info and lets his go… but tells Buffy he killed her.
  • Meanwhile, Angel, Willow, and Xander check out the only address Willow could find for Ford… the creepy vampire wannabe club.
  • That vamp that Ford was supposed to have killed stole a book from Giles. Buffy’s not pleased that Ford lied to her.
  • Ford barges in on Spike’s place. He offers up the Slayer if Spike will turn him into a vampire.
  • Angel confronts Buffy about Ford. So she confronts Angel about Drusilla.
  • buffy-lie-to-meHe explains that Drusilla was an obsession of his when he was evil. He drove her insane before turning her into a vampire.
  • Buffy follows Ford to the the cult club. She tries explaining to the delusionals that even if they turn into vampires, they die and the demon moves in. It walks like you, it talks like you, but it’s not you.
  • Ford finally lets his secret out. He’s got terminal cancer. But she still doesn’t feel bad for him because he’s still arranged for a mass murder.
  • Spike and his posse arrive and start feeding on people left and right. So Buffy goes after Drusilla, forcing Spike to release everyone. Buffy escapes and locks all the vamps inside with Ford.
  • Later, Buffy goes back to retrieve Ford’s body. Even later, she slays him as he rises from his grave.
  • Body count: Humans – 1; Vampires – 3

The Dark Age

  • A strange grown up is on campus looking for Giles at night. He’s attacked and killed by a woman he recognizes, who then turns into a puddle of goo.
  • I haven’t mentioned it here much, but Giles and Ms. Calendar’s relationship has progressed quite a bit. Pretty sure they just shared their first onscreen kiss.
  • The police have questions for Giles regarding the dead body found on campus and the slip of paper with his name written on it.
  • Dead guy was Philip Henry, a friend from Giles’s past, but they haven’t seen each other in 20 years.
  • Giles identifies the body and notices a tattoo on dead guy’s arm. He lies to the police about whether he recognizes the tattoo. What are you hiding, Rupert?
  • There’s a delivery of blood at the hospital, so Buffy’s on a stake out. Angel shows up to help take out the vampires. Two out of three slain. Not too shabby.
  • Meanwhile, Giles is trying to track down others from his past. Something is after them.
  • On a list of five names, he’s crossed off all of them except his own and Ethan Rayne (from the Halloween episode).
  • He then rolls up a sleeve to reveal an identical tattoo to the one on dead guy’s arm.
  • Back at the morgue, dead guy wakes up. And his eyes glow yellow. Generally not a good.
  • Speaking of Ethan Rayne, Buffy catches him snooping around the library. He tells her about the mark of Eyghon and she confronts Giles about it.
  • Dead guy crashes through a window in the library and is after Ethan. But Buffy traps dead guy in the book cage.
  • After Giles arrives, dead guy breaks out of the cage, knocking Ms. Calendar unconscious. He turns to goo and the goo touches her hand.
  • When she wakes up, her eyes glow yellow.
  • Giles takes her to his place. He apologizes for what’s going on, never intending for her to be involved.
  • In reading up on Eyghon, the gang discovers that the demon possesses dead or unconscious bodies. Which means that Ms. Calendar is probably possessed.
  • She reveals herself… or itself… and attacks Giles. When Buffy arrives Eyghon/Calendar takes off.
  • Giles explains his dark past to Buffy before she goes to Ethan’s shop to head off Eyghon/Calendar.
  • Ethan knocks Buffy out and tattoos her with the mark of Eyghon so that the demon will go after her instead of him. Then he pours acid on his own tattoo. Does that even work?
  • Eyghon/Calendar shows up and nearly kills Buffy… then Giles… But Angel shows up and chokes Ms. Calendar out. So the demon jumps into Angel.
  • Because he’s a dead body. But Angel already has a demon inside him. The hidden Angelus won the internal struggle with Eyghon.
  • Things between Giles and Ms. Calendar are now strained at best.
  • Body count: Humans – 2; Demons – 1

What’s My Line, Part 1

  • “Part 1”? Guess we’re ending this week on a cliffhanger…
  • The kids are taking aptitude tests at school, but Buffy doesn’t see the point as her fate is kind of already decided, being the Chosen One and all.
  • Meanwhile, Spike is trying to decipher a book that supposedly holds a cure for Drusilla.
  • They need a key to decipher it, which they steal from a crypt. Buffy tries to stop them but only kills one vamp while the other gets away.
  • Buffy is having a rough time with career week and kind of hates being the Slayer at the moment, lamenting the whole “there can be only one” thing.
  • Spike wants to hire assassins to take out Buffy so that she can’t interfere with the ritual to restore Dru.
  • We’re introduced to three shady characters: a big dude with a messed up eye, a creepy cosmetics salesman, and a hot girl who knows Kung Fu. Probably the assassins Spike was talking about.
  • Buffy goes on an ice skating date with Angel to get her mind off the career stuff.
  • She’s attacked by big dude with the messed up eye. After they take him down, Angel informs her that this Order of Taraka is serious business.
  • Hot girl who knows Kung Fu watches Buffy and Angel making out from a distance.
  • Oh, and creepy cosmetics salesman? He’s actually a man made of bugs. He killed Buffy’s neighbor and is watching Buffy’s house.
  • Hot Kung Fu girl attacks Angel while he’s out trying to get info on the Order of Taraka.
  • She locks him in a cage facing a window and notes that the sun will be up in a few hours.
  • Giles sends Xander and Cordelia to look for Buffy at her house. Bug man makes his move, not knowing that Cordelia isn’t Buffy.
  • Hot Kung Fu girl tracks Buffy down. She was hiding out at Angel’s apartment.
  • Hot Kung Fu girl isn’t an assassin. She’s Kendra, the Vampire Slayer.
  • Huh?
  • Cliffhanger…
  • Body count: Humans – 1; Vampires – 1; Tarakan Assassins – 1

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