AFI #35 – Annie Hall

annie-hall-posterAnnie Hall


Directed by Woody Allen

Netflix says… Winner of four Oscars–including Best Picture and Best Actress–director Woody Allen’s iconic romantic comedy charts the relationship between neurotic writer Alvy Singer and quirky aspiring singer Annie Hall.

Truth? This is one I haven’t been looking forward to on the AFI list. I’m really not a Woody Allen fan. Some of his stuff that I’ve seen before has been okay, but nothing has ever really blown my mind. I’ve just never really found a groove with his brand of humor. I’m sure it’s great for the people who get it. I just hope that my dislike of Woody Allen doesn’t mean I should be questioning my own intelligence. I often think the same thing when I say I don’t like Wes Anderson’s stuff, too. I’d like to say I liked Annie Hall. I really would. Seeing as how I’m told it’s probably Woody Allen’s best movie. But I’m not going to say I liked it.


Me neither, Woody. Me neither.

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