Stop It

Paul was able to put in words a lot of the thoughts I’ve had every time I look at social media. If you don’t read the whole thing, at least see this: “How many people around the world need to be shot, victimized, or face prejudice before we realize that leaders of a country don’t control how we treat each other.”

The Captain's Speech

I feel a rant coming on, so get’cha popcorn ready and add butter because this one is gonna be a real finger licker.

I don’t know what that means. Get yourself a napkin if you must. I don’t want you to have a mess on your hands. Oh man, I’m hilarious when I’m furious.

Speaking of mess! What is wrong with the world? Don’t answer that. You’ll hurt yourself. I’m tired of seeing how divided we are and the snarky social media comments.

You have people making jokes about “the left” and people making jokes about “the right”, but beneath each joke is a bunch of anger, hatred, and more raised eyebrows than can fit on the average forehead.

Now, I’m not about to get into a big political discussion. Nor am I going to get into the surface area of the human forehead. I know my limitations. Politics are…

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