Take Care of You (by Aaron)

I was honored to be asked to guest blog for Shaz over at For the Love of Sass. Go check it out and stick around to find out what she’s been up to!

For The Love Of Sass

Hello readers! Thanks for being patient with me as I get adjusted to me new home and school. Today was my first day at school and well….uh I survived so I guess that’s good. Anyways, since I can’t be here much this week- I had asked one of my favorite bloggers Aaron at The Confusing Middle to write a post for us this week! If you’re just tuning in, welcome to “The Shaz Show”! Here we talk about real life issues and solutions. I kid. No I do not. Okay I need more sleep. Anyways, Aaron is awesome. I specifically asked him to write for me and write about this topic because this is something I have been lacking lately and should not be lacking as I start grad school. So listen to Aaron everybody!

Dear readers of For the Love of Sass…

First, let me say it’s an honor…

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