Carpool Karaoke

One of my favorite things to do in this world is to get in the car and drive while cranking up the radio/iPod/CD player and singing to the tops of my lungs. Mostly, that’s because singing is one of my favorite things to do in this world. The driving, I could take it or leave it.

Generally, when it’s just me in the car, I could leave the driving. Not that I hate the driving part or anything. I just get the road rage.

Language - Road RageBut as much as I love singing in the car when I’m by myself, I love it even more when there are others riding with me. Now, you can’t always convince your passengers to join in on a good sing-along. But when you can, it’s a guaranteed good time. Especially when the appointed DJ is able to find some entertaining songs to sing along with.

Recently I got a chance to spend some time in the car with a trio of ladies who were not only willing to play along but were almost overjoyed at the suggestion of Carpool Karaoke. Kids, it was glorious.

It actually started as an outdoor movie night at Mountain Lake with a group of friends from church. Mountain Lake, you’ll recall from 20th-century history, was the location where they filmed the 80s classic, Dirty Dancing. But that’s not important to the story. Really, the movie part isn’t important to the story, either. But I mention it because Mountain Lake is a bit of a drive from Blacksburg, where we all live. Not horrible, but it’s the kind of location where people would want to carpool.

The ride down was filled with conversation with light song stylings playing in the background. No singing, whatsoever. The ride back, however, was a different story. As we made our way down the winding road, I made the suggestion of Carpool Karaoke. Like I mentioned above, my passengers were kind of excited to play along.

Being in the front passenger’s seat, I assigned Rebecca with DJing duties. And she delivered. She provided the car with hits from Shania Twain, High School Musical, and Grease. And I will forevermore associate Hinder’s “Lips of an Angel” with that car ride back into town. The only disappointment that these ladies may have had came when Rebecca could not find anything by One Direction on my iPod. I think I have “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” on my computer, but it’s not one I carry out to the car with me. Because I probably rank that particular boy band up there with Justin Bieber.

I watch as James Corden performs the Carpool Karaoke with various celebrity guests and, I’ve gotta say, I get a little jealous. It must be incredibly fun to sing with artists as they sing along with the songs they made famous. It’s probably more fun to sing with them as they sing along with the songs that they didn’t make famous. Unless it’s Bieber. I’m not jealous of that episode.Carpool Karaoke - Adele

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