The Bourne Conundrum

To start off, yes, I saw Jason Bourne this weekend. Yes, I thought it was awesome. Was it the best of the series? Probably not. But it’s the best one I’ve seen since The Bourne Ultimatum and that may be saying something.Jason Bourne.gifBut watching Matt Damon take on the title role once more had my mind going in a lot of directions. I couldn’t help but wonder, how accurate are these movies in their portrayal of the Central Intelligence Agency? Can they really access closed circuit cameras set up on any given city block in Berlin at any given moment? Do they really have access to satellites that just happen to be orbiting close to where they need to point an overhead camera? These questions, I feel, are kind of harmless in their application. Sure, there could be a question of privacy on both counts, but it wouldn’t be all that surprising to find out an organization known for espionage was watching someone’s every move without their knowledge.

The more disturbing thoughts came when I considered the bad guy of this installment. Vincent Cassel plays the “Asset” who is assigned with taking out Bourne. It’s a role he plays very well. I hope I’m not spoiling anything by describing the Asset as a remorseless killer who will stop at nothing to accomplish his objectives. If you see the movie, you’ll understand my question when I ask, how many ruthless sociopaths have been in the employ of the United States government? I know, this Asset was a fictional character. But that’s why I ask about the accuracy of these movies’ portrayal of the CIA.

After I got out of the movie, I texted a friend of mine with some of these same questions. What follows is a copy of that conversation…

Me: You’ve got a brother who worked (works?) for the CIA… How accurately would you say the Bourne movies portray the agency?

N: Was it good?

Me: Heck yes it was.

N: I really want to see it! I have no clue though. He tells us nothing.

Me: It kind of made me question… How many atrocities have been committed in the name of national security?

N: I’m sure more than you care to know. One word… Snowden.

Me: I think I want it both ways. I don’t want to know. But I do.

Me: I also wonder how many active, remorseless psychopaths are assets.

Me: I’ve said too much.

Me: The powers that be will probably tail me for weeks based on these texts.

Me: Funny, I never noticed that ice cream truck in my neighborhood before…

N: Great. Thanks for including me…

Me: At least you have connections.

Me: My closest governmental contact was Sonny Bono. And that was only because he shook all of our hands on a field trip to the Capitol Building.

Man… I’m totally messing this whole thing up for myself. Texting… blogging… They’ve probably turned on my webcam without my knowledge and are watching my every move. There are so many more interesting things to watch, though. If they get bored watching me, they should check out Stranger Things on the Netflix. Good stuff. Oh, and they should go see the new Bourne movie. Also good stuff.


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