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Raise your hand if you’re familiar with Jeff. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’re probably vaguely aware of who he is. Because I’ve mentioned him and directed people to his blog from time to time. But it’s not like I make him the subject of every other post on here. So if you’re not familiar, no harm done.

Jeff Noble 2

This is Jeff. Say hi, Jeff.

For the uneducated among us, Jeff is my pastor, friend, and movie-going partner-in-crime. Lately, he and I have been catching a lot of Sunday matinees. Most recently, we saw London Has Fallen. Before that, we saw Risen and The 5th Wave. There have been many others over recent months. I’m not sure when this little tradition began. And it’s not always Sundays, though that’s usually the most convenient time. But I’ve almost gotten to where I expect to get a text from Jeff at some point on Sunday afternoon asking if I want to see something. As long as I’ve been able to work in my post-church, post-lunch nap, I’m usually good to go.

Movies With Jeff - Teen Titans at the MoviesWell, it got me thinking. Why not review these movies that we’re seeing? While we readily see the same movies, I have no doubt that our opinions of these movies occasionally differ. So that’s what you’ll get from here on out: a new segment on the blog called “Movies With Jeff.” Of course, all of this hinges on whether or not he’s game. I mean, we can banter back and forth about a movie we’ve just seen, but if he’s not cool with being quoted on my blog then there’s just no point. We’ll know next week. The next movie we plan to see is Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. That’s a big one. You’ll either get both our thoughts or just mine. Either way, look for that post on Friday next week. See? Something to look forward to.


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