5 Ways to Spend Your Leap Day

In a few days, we’ll experience February 29 for the first time since 2012. How do you mark a day that comes along only once every four years?

5 Ways to Spend Leap Day - 30 Rock Real Life Is for MarchI think there are several ways that one could celebrate a Leap Day. Remember that movie with Amy Adams where she travels to Ireland to propose to that guy? It wasn’t that good. And it didn’t even come out during a Leap Year… But it’s apparently a real thing that people do. I wouldn’t suggest it as a celebratory activity for your Leap Day, however. But here are some things that you can do to celebrate your special day.

1. Go Bungee Jumping – I mean, I’ve never done it, but I hear it’s a pretty big adrenaline rush. Make sure your heart can take it before you attempt the leap. Consult your physician.

5 Ways to Spend Leap Day - Quantum Leap2. Quantum Leap Marathon – Ever find yourself missing the adventures of Dr. Sam Beckett? Well, miss no more! Most episodes from this classic time travel series are available to view on Netflix or Hulu. Isn’t that a great way to veg out on Leap Day?

3. Play Hopscotch – It’s good, clean, innocent fun. All you need is a sidewalk and some chalk. And something to throw into the numbered boxes. What do they use? A coin of some kind? I don’t know, I’ve never actually played.

5 Ways to Spend Leap Day - Double Dutch4. Enter a Double Dutch Tournament – There’s got to be one somewhere. And if there isn’t one, organize one. You’ll be the most popular kid on the block. Unless you suck at it. Then everyone will just make fun of you.

5. Try Something New – Come on, isn’t there something you’ve been wanting to try out but have just been afraid to do? Take the leap. What’s stopping you? If it doesn’t work out, pretend like Leap Day never happened. Or, just follow this mantra: Whatever happens on Leap Day isn’t spoken of again for four years.


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