Binging Parenthood

Did I type that right? When you binge watch something, are you binging the show? Because that looks like it should be pronounced bing-ing. Like Googling, except you, for some reason, use Bing. Why you’d do that to yourself, I don’t know. But what I want you to hear in your head when you read that word is binge-ing. Anyway, I’m binge watching Parenthood. That’s what I’ve been doing with my time since I’ve been on my #snowcation.

Here’s the thing, the east coast got hit pretty hard by a storm called Jonas. Now, I’ll admit, I’m not generally a fan of things containing the name Jonas, but this storm has been a fantastic development in my life. Working in an elementary school, I’m forced to endure many days off work thanks to the department of transportation’s inability to clear off the back roads of an extremely rural county. Ha… endure.Binging Parenthood - Snow DayThus far, we have enjoyed three canceled school days and counting. Tomorrow will make four (and it’s already been called). So what do I do with these many hours to myself? I turn to my old friend Netflix. And there have been a number of people over the years who have given me astonished looks when I’ve told them that I never really got into Parenthood. It’s not that I didn’t want to. I just wanted to wait until the entire series had completed its run and was fully available to stream for free. Now we’ve reached that time in our illustrious history.

I did watch the first couple of episodes of Parenthood when it first began its run on NBC. This was because I loved the original Parenthood film starring Steve Martin. If you have not seen that movie, there’s a good chance I’d give you the same astonished look that I’ve gotten from people whenever I’ve said I wasn’t into the show. It’s a fantastic look at family dynamics and should probably be required viewing for anyone taking a class dealing with the sociology of the family.Binging Parenthood - MovieSo I am currently near the beginning of the show’s second season. It’s possible that I’ll write more about the series once I’ve completed it, but I doubt it. I just had a couple of thoughts that I wanted to share before I forgot them. And I’m sharing them here because, obviously, everyone who reads my blog is interested in each and every abysmal thought that happens to crop up in my head.

First of all, it is incredibly difficult to watch a show in which Lauren Graham plays a mother who does not have an amazing relationship with her daughter. I’m so used to seeing Lorelai Gilmore basically being best friends with Rory Gilmore. This constant bickering between Sarah Braverman and her daughter, Amber, is hard for me to digest. I just want to yell at the screen, “Be nice to your mother! She’s doing the best she can!”Binging Parenthood - Sarah BravermanThat sort of brings me to my next thought… and this one will be a little more controversial. Watching Parenthood has caused me to question whether or not I ever want to have children. I know, even considering having kids, for me, is like putting the cart before the horse. I’m single with zero prospects, so the option of having children may not even be a consideration for me or my future.

But I watch this show. I watch these parents. I watch them with their kids. And I know they’re acting. And I know it’s fiction. But, like the film that came before it, I feel like it’s a pretty good cross-section of family dynamics. Maybe I’m wrong about that, seeing as how I don’t actually have a family of my own and have nothing to compare the show to. I’m ready to admit that I’m wrong about the accuracy of this show if it’s necessary.

I’ve gone back and forth on the idea of having kids throughout my life. Again, putting the cart before the horse. But there have been times in my life when I have thought that it sure would be nice to have a family someday, including one or two smaller versions of humans to hang out with and take care of. And there have also been times, like now, when I look at that responsibility and think… wow, that is a huge responsibility. I would be responsible, along with another person, for making sure that this small human successfully grows to become a full sized human. And that other person I’m working with? We’d have to be really good at communicating with each other about all the decisions we make because each of those decisions will affect each other and the kid. I’m having a panic attack just thinking about it. Do you know how poorly I communicate? Especially when it comes to trying to communicate with other people? I’m just not good at it. I don’t make my thoughts or feelings known all that often.

It just occurred to me… My significant other is gonna have to keep up with my blog in order to know how I’m feeling from time to time.Day Eighteen - Die AloneSo, to my future spouse (if you exist), I apologize. You’re going to have to deal with a lot when it comes to dealing with me. And it already breaks my heart a little just thinking that I’m ever going to let you down. But it’s inevitable. I am going to let you down (if you exist). However, I promise to do my best to make it up to you whenever those let downs occur. Because you (if you exist) and our hypothetical child(ren) will be incredibly important to me. So much so that I won’t be able to put it into words.

Also… Monica Potter cries. A lot.Binging Parenthood - Monica Potter

2 thoughts on “Binging Parenthood

  1. So I have to tell you, that original Parenthood movie. Before it was released, while it was being filmed… I worked at Del Taco in Covina, CA (Off of Citrus) – it’s somewhat near old-town Covina. (San Gabriel Valley area, suburb of Los Angeles) Not too far from Anaheim (Anaheim stadium – about 30 minutes)

    Anyway, I was teenager working the register and there used to be this really nice, somewhat tall, lady that was what you typically imagine a mom to look like. These longer skirts and modest shirts. Anyway, she became a regular and spoke so softly. I’d have to listen carefully. She was fair skinned with lots of freckles.

    She’d come in almost nightly and order the same thing. A Taco salad, with 5 hot sauces. And she would hold up her hand and 5 long, slender fingers as she’d say “5” And a medium diet coke. Easy ice.

    She’d always sit in our empty dining room. One day, I was cleaning the dining room and I’d see her always studying a packet of paper. I inquired why she always came there to study. (assuming she was a college student) She stated it was a great quiet place to take a break, close to where they were filming.

    I tried to get her to tell me the name of the movie and co-stars. She couldn’t tell me. She did mention there were some famous people and they were filming in old-town Covina. At a home there.

    Months pass, my friend and I go to the movies to see Parenthood and I scream out “OH MY GOD. Taco salad, 5 hot sauces, medium diet coke lady.” I remember her telling me her name was Mary. Mary Steenburgen, but I had no idea who that was. We didn’t have Google or the internet at that time. (and I hadn’t seen her in any movies until Parenthood and after)

    My husband thinks this is the BEST story ever. Now whenever we see her, we hold up 5 fingers and say “Taco Salad and 5 hot sauces!”


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