10 Reasons to Close the School

Working in a school setting, I get excited by the prospect of extra days off. See, as much as I enjoy the work I do, it’s still work. And who wouldn’t rather sleep late on a Tuesday if you’re able to? Especially when the alternative is waking up at 5:30 a.m. to get ready for the day. So I thought there might be some good reasons for the school to get shut down.

Snow – Obvs.Scenes from a Nativity - Snow

Too Cold – But it’s not snowing… I don’t care! It’s too cold to make these kids stand and wait for the bus!Reasons to Close School - Cold

Too Windy – But it’s not snowing… I don’t care! Those kids could be blown into the road only to be run over by a bus!Reasons to Close School - Windy

It’s Raining – No one wants to do anything except crawl back under the covers when it’s raining, try and convince me otherwise.Reasons to Close School - Rain

Earthquake – Even the slightest tremor should be worthy of closing everything.Reasons to Close School - Earthquake

What, That Was Just a Big Truck That Drove By? – Clearly the building is unsound and could collapse in on itself at any moment. Can’t have kids there until the structure has been completely reinforced.Reasons to Close School - Truck

Someone Sneezed – We don’t need to begin a pandemic!Reasons to Close School - Sneeze

Someone Has Pink Eye – See above… that stuff spreads like wildfire!Reasons to Close School - Pink Eye

Someone Has Hand Foot & Mouth Disease – See above… Also, burn that joint to the ground!Reasons to Close School - Hand Foot Mouth

It’s a Day That Ends in ‘Y’ – You mean that’s every day? I rest my case.


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