5 Reasons Why I’d Make a Bad Journalist

With my mild obsession with all things Superman and my having fictional role models in Clark Kent and Lois Lane, one would have thought that my career path would have led me to the life of a mild mannered reporter. As much as I enjoy writing, I’d be lying if I said the thought had not crossed my mind from time to time. But I’ve never really pursued it.Why I Would Make a Bad Journalist - Lois and ClarkInstead, I went into counseling. Don’t get me wrong, I like what I do and enjoy the thought that I’m attempting to help kids on a daily basis. But, being stuck somewhere between Generation X and the Millennials, I’ve had a hard time convincing myself that I’m locked into any particular career path. So, would it be too late for me to pursue a position in journalism?

Probably not. But the real question is, should I? Again, I think the answer is probably not. Why not?

I like to use run on sentences every now and then – This is exhibited by the first sentence of the first paragraph of this very blog post, in which I discussed the deep and abiding love I have for the Superman mythos and the question of why that never led me to a life of journalism, which I feel I would thoroughly enjoy and find incredibly fulfilling as careers go.

I like to sometimes split the infinitive – I don’t know. I heard this was a no-no.

I don’t know how to properly use certain punctuations – Example: the semi-colon. It has, a point, I’m sure? But what is it supposed to really do!

I inject too much of myself in my writing – Reporters are expected to maintain objectivity. Evidently, I have a hard time with that. Of course, the vast majority of my writing has been for a personal blog, where I can be as subjective as I want to be. It’s not as if I’ve had any training in how to be objective in writing.

I despise research – Apparently that’s something a journalist has to do. Check sources. Get backgrounds. That’s pretty important if you don’t want your publication to get sued.

I’ve written for newspapers before. Not in any kind of professional capacity, but I did have an article published in one of the local papers a couple years ago. It was kind of a thrill for me. But, I think for now I’ll be content with keeping a blog.

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