The Slobstopper

Please, somebody, tell me that this is not a real product…

Can I take a minute to make an observation or two? First of all, the dude drinking coffee in the car… How long have you been drinking beverages? Have you always had that much trouble? I could understand spilling that much coffee if you were distracted by that girl walking by and you rear ended someone while driving and simultaneously taking a sip. But you appear to be parked. Also, your coffee? Looked more like you were drinking chocolate milk. You just put it in one of those trendy coffee cups to make it look like you weren’t three years old. Oh, and that girl walking by shook her head when you spilled your chocolate milk all over yourself. Are you telling me that in the next scene, when she sees you wearing an over-sized bib, she’s thinking, “Wow, that guy’s a real catch!” Either way, dude in the car, you’re screwed. You have a serious drinking problem. You can either spill it on yourself or you can walk around in a bib. This is a lose-lose situation.


8 thoughts on “The Slobstopper

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