The Origin of the Ugly Christmas Sweater

It almost seems inevitable at this point in history. The ugly Christmas sweater is something that people are proud to own. People throw parties that put this article of clothing at the center of the gathering. People compete over who has the ugliest Christmas sweater. It’s a point of pride for someone to walk away with the title “ugliest.” But it can’t have always been this way.

At one time or another, the ugly Christmas sweater was simply referred to as a Christmas sweater. You wouldn’t have dared refer to the Christmas sweater that your sweet, 85-year-old grandmother hand knitted as ugly. But someone did. Someone called your sweater ugly.

The first time the ugly Christmas sweater was called ugly, it probably hurt someone’s feelings. That first insult probably led to tears and screaming and storming out of that stupid Christmas party! And they can keep the gift you brought because it’s just a crappy Chia Pet, anyway!Origin of the Ugly Christmas Sweater - BoomBut, somewhere along the way, someone decided to take the insult of the ugly sweater and own it. Maybe it was someone who refused to let everyone know that they were hurt by the critical words. Maybe it was a hipster who decided to wear the ugly sweater ironically and now they refuse to wear that shabby old sweater anymore because it’s too mainstream.

Origin of the Ugly Christmas Sweater - CarltonWhatever the case, the ugly Christmas sweater is commonplace. It’s almost expected that you have at least one hidden away in your closet. In fact, there are some Christmas parties that won’t allow you admittance if you’re not wearing the appropriate ugly sweater. Personally, I don’t have one. And I’m going to a Christmas party this weekend and I’m a little afraid that I’ll be judged for my not-so-ugly attire. The only two sweaters I currently own are solid colors. And, at this point in the season, Goodwill is fresh out of ugly sweaters. Guess I’ll have to hit the post-Christmas ugly sweater sales in January, that way I’m ready for next year.Origin of the Ugly Christmas Sweater - Community

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