Day Sixteen

A Song That Makes Me Cry

Soul Mates - Dawson CryingI know a lot men who refuse to admit that they’ve ever cried. I’m not one of those men. Granted, I don’t cry that often, but that’s because I spend a great deal of my time and energy attempting to conceal most of my emotions. I blame that on the job. As a counselor, I have to deal with the emotions of my clients. To show them that I’m having my own emotional reactions is rarely a good idea.

But I do cry. And I’m man enough to admit it. It does happen. Occasionally. A lot of those tears that inevitably come are brought on by music. I love music. It’s difficult for me not to make emotional connections to songs. Not all songs have an effect on me. And even the ones that do occasionally send my emotions into overdrive don’t do it every time. They have to hit me at just the right time. I have to be paying attention in just the right way.

Day Sixteen - 1000 MemoriesThere isn’t any one song that makes me cry every time I hear it. But what follows is a list of a few songs that may be more likely to inspire tears than others…

  • How Great Thou Art – particularly if it’s a recording of Dad singing it
  • The Christmas Shoes – as cheesy as that is… it just gets to me
  • Day Is Done – only because Dad used to sing this to me as a kid whenever I was scared or upset

That’s actually all that comes to mind at the moment. Thing is, there are a lot of songs that I’ve known for years that could make me cry tomorrow if I actually listened to the lyrics and allowed them to affect me. But I prefer not to cry when I’m listening to music, because I’m usually driving while I’m listening to those songs. Crying and driving are not things that should be done simultaneously. And that’s… one to grow on.


One thought on “Day Sixteen

  1. Hmmm, here I was looking for 99 bottles of beer on the wall, when you got down to 1 (none) that’s when the guys cry? BTW: How great thou art- I love hearing someone with the gift of voice at church singing this.

    And I cry while I drive sometimes, it helps relieve pressure.

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