Day Fifteen

My Dream House

Day Fifteen - Dream HouseHonestly, I don’t often think about what could be considered my dream house. I know the things that I’d like to have, but I don’t have any delusions that those things will ever truly be a reality.

I want a house by a lake. I don’t care how many bedrooms the place has, just as long as there are enough for me, whoever is a part of my family at that juncture of my life, and the occasional visitors. And it definitely needs at least a half bath per person living there. It’s cruel to make people wait to use the restroom.

I want the house to have a room that’s designated as the library. I want it to have walls lined with bookshelves and I want those bookshelves to be filled to the brim with books. I want that room to have a bright lamp and a comfortable chair. I want one of those bookshelves to hide a secret passage. That’d be fantastic.

I want the house to have a wrap around porch. I want a porch swing. And a hammock. I want a big friggin’ Willow in the back yard. I want a swing hanging from one of the branches. The kind that’s just a piece of wood and rope. I want a dock on the water, but not necessarily a boat. I’m not very nautical and I don’t particularly love going out on the water. I just like being near it. I want another hammock down at the dock. Maybe a gazebo sort of structure where we can all just go and sit and hang out. I want Christmas lights strung up all over the dock, enough to bathe the place in a soft glow.

I want a fire pit. So we can burn stuff. ‘Cause that’s never a bad time.

I guess that’s about it, other than the other essentials. You know, kitchen, living room, etc. What would your dream house look like?

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