Day Thirteen

A Fictional Book

Day Thirteen - HermioneKids, I haven’t written a fictional book yet. I mean, sure, I’ve got some ideas floating around up there in the old noggin, but I don’t want to share them here. Not yet, anyway. I mean, what if I have an unscrupulous reader who would take that idea and run with it before I ever had a chance to do anything with it myself? Then I’m stuck for the rest of my life shouting about how Die Hard was really my idea, but no one will believe me.

So, yeah, the ideas are there. I just haven’t had the time to do anything about them yet. And then there’s the thing with November. I’ve seen it for years, that November is National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo). The challenge is put out there for people to write an entire novel within the month of November. I’ve been tempted each time November rolls around to give this a shot. But I’ve never done it. And I really planned to give it a shot this time, too. But then I got transferred to a new school and life became chaos. I just don’t have time to sit down and try to write down an average of 1,700 words each day for 30 days. I so wish I did.

And, besides, if I did have a fictional book ready to go, I sure wouldn’t post it here on the blog. Because that’s just too much for anyone to read in one blog post. Tomorrow’s prompt is for a non-fictional book. Spoiler alert: I don’t have one of those written either. Maybe Sunday’s prompt will be more interesting…

One thought on “Day Thirteen

  1. You don’t need a fictional book, you have awesome stories from the real world. šŸ™‚
    And somewhere, I secretly thing nanpoblano month is bs. Everybody already has their book written and re-written and tweaked, just ready to go come November. Or, ya know, I could just be a little paranoid. šŸ˜‰

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