In the Dark

With the exception of the earliest and latest months of the school year, I can pretty much expect to make my drive to work before sunrise. I’d love to tell you that one can easily acclimate to navigating that predawn darkness, but after three years in this job and making that drive, I still struggle.

This morning was particularly difficult. I can’t explain why, but it seemed darker than usual during my commute. I know the sky was overcast. I know the clouds blocked the normal dimness that comes with the sun’s first light being diffused in the atmosphere. But this isn’t the first time I’ve driven in cloud cover. I’ve driven on starless, moonless nights plenty of times in my life.

Today’s darkness was eerie… almost scary. Street lamps and house lights seemed to be more limited in their ability to shine. It was as if they just could not shine as brightly. Like the light had lost the ability to penetrate the darkness. Even my own headlights illuminated next to nothing unless I turned on the high beams. Even then, everything seemed limited.

I’m not trying to suggest that anything supernatural was happening this morning as I drove to work. I’m sure it was simply my perception mixed with the uncommonly overcast morning. But it sure seemed unnatural.In the Dark - Are You Afraid of the Dark


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