Pizza Delivery Deathmatch

I’ve mentioned previously that, back in my bank tellering days, I delivered pizza part time to help make ends meet. One night, an interesting thing happened on my last delivery of the evening. I took a couple pizzas to a man who was waiting for me on his front porch when I arrived. Several of the neighborhood children were riding bikes and scooters up and down the street. Kids so often got excited when they saw the pizza guy driving through the neighborhood.

These kids were stopped in front of my customer’s house and they were practically singing my praises. I looked at the man as I handed him his pizza and remarked that I just didn’t get that kind of attention on my day job. He asked me what I did during the day, and I told him I was a bank teller. This prompted him to ask which bank I worked for. I told him, and then he informed me that he worked for a rival bank.

I studied him carefully. “Does this mean that we have to fight to the death now?”

Pizza Delivery DeathmatchHe laughed for a brief moment, then his face lost all expression. We both backed away slowly, neither of us taking our eyes off the other. I reached my car safely, then peeled out of the neighborhood much faster than I should have, especially considering the excited children playing in the streets.

This just goes to show us, you have to be careful, because you just never know who you’ll run into out there.

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