Tiffany the Fugitive

I recently moved to a new house. But prior to leaving the townhouse that I’d lived in for two years, something odd arrived in the mail.

It was a postcard that wasn’t addressed to myself or any of the roommates. That’s not the odd part. We got mail addressed to previous tenants on a semi-regular basis. But we’d never gotten mail for Tiffany before.

As I said, we were coming to the end of the second year of a renewed lease. Logic dictates that the Korean family that lived there before us were there for at least a year. So, doing the math, if Tiffany ever lived in that townhouse, it had been at least three years since she left. Remember, though, I said we’d never gotten mail for Tiffany. So I kind of think that Tiffany gave someone, somewhere, a fake address.

What would lead me to that conclusion? Well, that postcard was informing Tiffany that the police in St. Louis had a warrant for her arrest and that she should turn herself in and save the police the trouble of tracking her down.

But, it’s apparent that Tiffany’s last known address is for a place that’s 643 miles away where she hasn’t lived for at least three years. Or ever. Whatever Tiffany did, I have a feeling she’s gotten away with it. She’s hiding out somewhere with Waldo and Carmen Sandiego.002


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