The Explanation of Blog Posts

It’s possible you’ve noticed that I’ve made it a habit of posting to this blog two or three times per day I need you to know that I’m not really creative enough to come up with that many blog posts on a consistent basis. You need to understand that the majority of what I’m posting are revised versions of things I wrote on my old blog, Carp Dime.

I hope this confession does not diminish your opinion of me. Unless your opinion was already a negative one. In which case, I don’t care. It’s just that, the way I see it, all these old posts (10 years worth) are new to you. Because you’re a new audience for me. And I hope you don’t think I believe you to be undeserving of new material. I’d just like any new readers who didn’t know me at Carp Dime to get the full picture 0f who I am.

Legends of the Bank Teller were written at a time when I worked for a bank. I haven’t actually been a bank teller for four years.

My Life Story posts were initially written at a time when I was trying to figure out why I was so unhappy with my life. That’s no longer the case for me now. And, for some reason, I stopped those posts with the end of high school. As if life ended at that point. Really, that’s when life began for me. I plan to continue with them once I reach that point again.

Those Single Guy stories? Well, I guess those are pretty self-explanatory. However, some of them are new. I’ll try to do a better job of identifying which stories are of the past.

Also, you may read my thoughts on books that I read years ago. I may need to revise some of those, but generally, my opinion on books doesn’t change over time.

So stick with me. Eventually the Carp Dime well will run dry and I’ll be back to relying solely on my wits and the events that happen in my daily life. Just remember, you’re sure to get some original material between now and then. It’s just not as if I’ve stopped living life. And, hey, life is still funny.


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