Autumn: A Love Letter

Fall, I am so ready for you.

Don’t get me wrong, I like summer just fine. There’s a lot to like. The days are longer. School’s out. A lot of those allergies that spring brought have moved on. School’s out. The college town in which I live is devoid of students which opens up a plethora of parking spaces and dining options. Oh, and school’s out.

It’s just that it’s so hot and humid. And that fact is usually enough to make me long for any other season. To long for autumn just makes the most sense, what with it being the next one in the cycle.

As I write these words, I’m back to work at a small elementary school in a rural community. It’s an old building with no air conditioning. So I feel every bit of the mid-August heat all day long.

I’m a pretty hot natured person. I’m the kind of guy who’s comfortable in shorts and flip flops when the temperature is in the 50’s. I’m not saying I want a high in the 50’s tomorrow. But the low 70’s would be nice.

I’m tired of leaning on a table and then pulling away to leave a moisture print in the shape of my forearm. I’m tired of freaking out when it feels like a spider has gotten into my shirt when, really, it turns out that a bead of sweat is trickling down my spine while I’m calmly sitting still and exerting zero energy whatsoever. I’m tired of smelling pubescent preteens who haven’t figured out the joy of deodorant but still worrying that maybe I’ve forgotten to use deodorant and I’m actually catching a whiff of myself. I’m tired of the overactive sweat glands under my eyes causing my glasses to constantly fog up and/or making people think that I’m crying.

I want to feel cold again. I want a decent shiver. I want some goosebumps. I want to have to wrap up in a quilt because it’s so frigid. Maybe that means I’m already ready for winter…

But there’s so much to love about fall. Leaves changing. Cooler temperatures. Tailgating. Thanksgiving dinner. Columbus Day sales at the local furniture stores.

And so, September 21, I implore you… Hurry!Autumn a Love Letter - Leaves


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