Interview Questions from Zac

Just kidding, folks. Got one more entry from the Interview post.

This post’s questions come from Zac, a fellow Bluefield survivor. He asks…

Yes you post a lot of stories on here from your life and share a lot of things your interested, but why don’t you share the things that are on your heart that often? I know your an introvert and everything but you say you want to be a writer. Good writers always share what’s on their hurt and draw people in with it.

You think I’m not sharing what’s on my heart? Thing is, I’m not an emotional person. So emotion isn’t something that’s always going to come through in the things I write. More often than not, I’m writing for the purposes of entertainment. Personally, I couldn’t care less if people come to my blog and think I’m boring. I absolutely love it when they think I’m hilarious, but it won’t make or break me. I’m not writing for anyone else. I’m writing because it’s what I want to do. If it entertains me, I post it. Though, honestly, a lot of the images and animated gifs that I include are solely meant to draw attention and get more readers. But there’s a good chance they’re only here to look at the pictures before they move on. Anyway, I do feel that I share what’s on my heart quite often. I just try to put a humorous spin on it so that it’s not so serious. Whether or not I succeed in making it funny, well, that’s in the eye of the beholder. Life’s too short to take it so seriously all the time.

Why do you never state what you really think or believe about what you believe or think about what’s going on in the world. That would probably get others more involved in your blog.

I’m gonna assume you’re referring to polarizing issues that are often debated in the world of politics or the kinds of things we see leading the evening news night after night. Am I off base there? I shy away from polarizing issues on my blog for the same reason I shy away from them on social media, and in real life for that matter. It’s because people hear enough about those serious topics night after night on the evening news and at the water cooler and at awkward family gatherings from that crazy uncle that no one really wants to talk to. I have opinions, just like everyone else. But I don’t share those opinions with the general public because I reserve those things for private conversations with people who really know me and really know my heart. I don’t want to stand on a soapbox and shout my thoughts and feelings on every news topic because I’m not prepared to deal with the name calling and other verbal abuse that would inevitably come from people who aren’t willing to actually think about a genuine response before they speak. That’s what you see on social media every day. That’s what I don’t want to see on this blog. Look, if an issue is raised that actually causes me to become emotional and develop an impassioned response, you’ll surely read about it here. But I don’t get behind causes unless they have something to do with a horrible disease or a natural disaster. In cases like those, it’s clear who the bad guy is. Also, I will speak out against Twilight until the day I die. And Kim Kardashian.

That’s really all this time. Right? Unless it’s not.

11 thoughts on “Interview Questions from Zac

  1. I am not asking you to stand on a soap box. I just don’t feel like I see the real you, it’s too hidden behind all the jokes and sarcasm and maybe not wanting to step on anyone’s toes. Also there are real things happening in this world beyond the realm of politics you could talk about.


    • Again, if I have something to say I’m gonna say it. I really couldn’t care less about stepping on the toes of people I’ll probably never meet. The jokes and sarcasm? That’s the real me… On the blog and in real life. Any therapist worth his salt will tell me that it’s just a wall that hides my real self, but it’s a part of who I am, just as much as those inner thoughts you feel I’m holding back. That’s all part of why I blog.

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      • Aaron, I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I think it’s honest, witty, funny, cute, morose and nicely reflective of YOU. You don’t need to blog about your opinions on this or that to make your blog “matter.” Then again, you don’t need me to tell you that! I love your style. It’s a refreshing break from the idiotic, rebroadcast regurgitation of media – spawned opinions I read about all the damn time. You’re cool and you know I love ya! 💖 😘 Melanie


  2. I ❤ sarcasm.

    Personally, while I do enjoy blogs that I can go to and find people's innermost thoughts on many things, I truly appreciate The Confusing Middle's proficient use of sarcasm. It's easy to find a blog that compares, contrasts, and complains about social issues, etc., but it can be difficult to find one that ushers forth a laugh from my overly-emotional self. Or at least a smirk, because sometimes I just don't wanna laugh or show any emotion. Kinda like Kristen Stewart.

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  3. ok well sorry I angered you. and Therapists aren’t all bad, I have one and I love her to death and I wouldn’t be wear I am without her. I’m sorry you had bad experiences with them


    • I’m not angry. And I have no problem with therapists. Yeah, I had some bad experiences with a therapist or two in my day, but I grew up to be a Therapeutic Day Treatment Counselor. Therapy is a part of what I do every day. You’re assuming that I’m feeling or thinking things that just aren’t so.

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