Interview Me

QuestionKids, I’m putting out an invitation to each and every one of you. I want you to ask me some questions. The deal is, you ask me a question in the comments below and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.

I’ll give you a week to submit your questions. Next Friday, I’ll post my answers. And I’ll throw in some gentle reminders in my posts throughout the coming week. I don’t get a whole lot of comments on my blog, but I love it when I get the few that I do. So ask away. This is your chance to pick my brain.


12 thoughts on “Interview Me

  1. Why is such an awesome guy like Aaron still single? Does he hide his awesomeness from the ladies out in the real world and only show us online how wonderful of a person he is?

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  2. 1. If you could have one natural characteristic, e.g. empathy, eloquent oral/verbal skills, etc., that you do not currently possess, what would you choose and why? This is not to say that one cannot work on character traits, but I’m asking about something inborn, for clarification. And for the record, I just picked those traits at random- I’m not suggesting those are what you need to work on.

    2. If you knew you could have a book published but the circumstances were such that it would be, in your eyes at the very least, a piece of crap, would you still do it so you could say you published a book?

    3. If you could ride only one roller coaster for the rest of your life, for free and anytime you wanted, but it was a jarring wooden one, would you be done with roller coasters forever?

    4. What do you think constitutes a hero? Following that, who do you feel is the greatest hero in real life? (Superman and other comic book creations does not count, sorry I’m not sorry.)

    5. When in a bad or sad mood, do you listen to music of the same feeling to help move through emotions and maybe feel like the songwriter/someone else understands, or do you pick something upbeat to get you through the funk sooner?

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  4. What do you do to make yourself feel better when you’re feeling down? What’s your ideal Friday night? Favorite kind of pizza? Favorite kind of ice cream? Would you choose blissful ignorance over self-awareness/sensitivity/insightfulness if it were an option? If you knew you were going to die in 6 months, what would you do? (Too much? Sorry to just ramble!)

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  6. Do you think the real reason you haven’t completed and attempted to publish a book might be because you are afraid of it being rejected, or do you truly find you don’t have the time or inclination to complete one? (There’s no judgment or psychoanalysis here, I’m just curious. Ok, maybe a little psychoanalysis. 😉

    Regardless of what society and horticulturalists say, do you consider a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

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  7. Sorry, last one if it’s not too late to ask. Once you publish a book, will you: read it, not read it because you know the story so well, avoid reading it because you might think of a new way to write parts of it and that would frustrate you, or some other option?

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  9. Yes you post a lot of stories on here from your life and share a lot of things your interested, but why don’t you share the things that are on your heart that often? I know your an introvert and everything but you say you want to be a writer. Good writers always share what’s on their hurt and draw people in with it.
    2. Why do you never state what you really think or believe about what you believe or think about what’s going on in the world. That would probably get others more involved in your blog.


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