What happens when you get a scratch? You know, you happen to cut a corner too sharp, you bump your arm and accidentally break the skin. What happens then? Well, you bleed. With this kind of thing, the cut won’t be too deep. You may not even need a Band-Aid. You probably wouldn’t give that sort of thing a second thought. Because in a few days, it will have healed.

As people, we suffer injuries and illnesses that leave their marks on our lives. With the help of medical science, and a lot of times without that help, the human body is remarkable in its ability to heal itself. But that doesn’t mean we’re left without scars. The body may be able to physically repair itself, but we are left with subtle reminders that stay with us for the rest of our lives.

The same may be said for emotional and psychological pain that we suffer. As children we may experience bullying from other kids at school or even from parents at home. We have the ability to deal with that sort of pain and can eventually move forward from it if we choose to. To the outside world, we may appear to have none of those emotional scars, but they’re there.

There are so many ways that we can repair relationships and be truly healed of our emotional or psychological pain, but we still have those reminders. Much like the old man who broke his collar bone when he was in his 20s and tightens up whenever it starts to rain, those reminders can still cause us some dull pain.

So does that mean that our bodies and minds are unable to completely truly heal from anything? Or do we just hinder ourselves from feeling a real release from our suffering?


One thought on “Healing

  1. Some scratches, if we don’t leave them alone to heal fully and properly, end up scarring worse than others. If we let time take care of them, they becomes less noticeable- though we have to be patient as we wait for the healing. If we try to rush the healing process, it tends to worsen and take longer, possibly not healing as fully.

    Sometimes we have to look at a situation and be quite purposeful to discern the results. See the bad for what it is (I don’t have to like the bullying I went through and can be real about that), but also see the good that has come from it (a greater level of empathy gained that might not have existed without having gone through it.) If we can associate the good with the bad, then maybe it won’t seem as bad, or at least will seem worth it. If I ever figure it out myself, I’ll pass along that wisdom, lol.

    Healing is a process, and I think the part we get hung up on is expecting everything to go back to exactly the way it was before.

    FWIW, really appreciate this post.


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