Peace of Mind

It’s not often that I find commercials to be particularly memorable. Mostly, I think, that’s because I refuse to watch live television these days. In my current living situation, I’ve enjoyed the modern marvel known as the DVR. Fast forwarding through the ads is fantastic. My next living space will be without satellite/cable and, therefore, I’ll have no DVR. Which means, if I want to keep up with my stories, I’ll have to rely on things like Hulu and Netflix. And Hulu, if I remember correctly, does force you into the occasional commercial.

Anyway, back in my North Carolina days, a friend and I were sitting around having a swell time watching TV and came across a couple commercials that made us laugh for the better part of a day.

The first commercial was one that I had actually seen a number of times before. It was for a law firm that specialized in divorce proceedings. The ad made it sound like divorce shouldn’t be a miserable experience. You almost expected them to say something like, “Don’t think of divorce as you destroying the lives of your wife and children. Come see us and we’ll make your divorce more enjoyable than your wedding day!” Should it really be that easy?

The other commercial was for some sort of clinic that specialized in genetic testing. I’m sure they test for genetic disorders and things of that nature. But the thing that most caught my attention were the huge bold letters spelling out “PEACE OF MIND PATERNITY TESTS!” This should be turned into some kind of SNL sketch.

Ever wonder if your 16-year-old daughter is really yours? Ever wonder why your son stands a full foot taller than anyone in your family? Well, wonder no more with our quick and painless paternity tests! Come see us and have the peace of mind you deserve.Peace of Mind - Not the Father


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