Not Winning Any Popularity Contests

Professor FrinkHey everyone. Remember a couple weeks ago when I mentioned that I was under the impression that my professor doesn’t like me? Well, I don’t think I’ve managed to do anything recently to change his opinion of me.

Yesterday, I made the trip to my current school’s campus in order to participate in a required face-to-face seminar. But before I get around to that, let’s go over a little side story from earlier this week.

On Wednesday, I received an email from the professor. So much for flying under the radar. The basic gist of the email was that I needed to start posting my responses to discussion questions earlier in the week so that my classmates could have a chance to respond to my posts. Now, I personally believe that I have a very good excuse for not getting it done earlier in the week. For those first three weeks of the session, I’ve been dealing with the last three weeks of school. As a counselor, that’s meant dealing with an extraordinary amount of paperwork which takes up a great deal of whatever free time I have during the week.

I responded to his email and simply apologized. I didn’t want to be the guy who just gave excuses for why I’ve turned everything in at the last minute. I’m sure he wouldn’t have wanted to hear that anyway. But I did include that, from now on, I’d be able to participate earlier in the week. I may have implied that I would turn things in earlier this week (but that didn’t actually happen). Oh, I also let him know I was looking forward to meeting him when I was on campus Saturday.

Thing is, I never bothered to introduce myself to him. He gave some kind of motivational speech at the start of the seminar, then turned us over to a couple of ladies who “taught” us how to use our iPads. Honestly, I didn’t even have a real conversation with any of my classmates either. I’m sure I made a great impression on everyone yesterday.

I feel the need to vent about the email I received, though. So the professor has a problem with the timing of my posts and when I turn in the assignments each week? Then don’t tell me that they’re due at 7:30am every Monday morning! If you want me to post my response on the discussion board before Thursday, then make the discussion response due earlier in the week. Did I get it done before the deadline? Yup. Sure did. As a matter of fact, kudos to me for not waiting until 5am on Monday to get it done. Don’t give me a due date when your expectation is three days earlier.

Anyway, now that school’s over, I’ll actually have time earlier in the week to get everything done. And then I will be able to post my discussion response as early as, say, Wednesday.

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