So Many Questions, Part V

Last one, I promise... 81. Have you ever risked a friendship by telling someone you liked them? So many times. And, as you can tell, it worked out great. Each and every time. 82. Would you rather be alone doing something you enjoy or doing something you don't like with your best friends? Doing something … Continue reading So Many Questions, Part V

Bachelor in Paradise: An Observation

Until recently, I'd never even considered watching anything related to the "reality" show, The Bachelor. But a friend has spoken highly of the show and, I'll admit, I was intrigued. Does that mean that I caught up on every episode that Hulu had to offer? Absolutely not. I wasn't that intrigued. But over the Labor … Continue reading Bachelor in Paradise: An Observation

Life Story: Chapter Six

Welcome to a series of stories that basically make up my autobiography. It’s not entirely thorough, but I’ll do the best I can with the memories locked away inside my head. Could be therapeutic for me. Could be humorous for you. Either way, enjoy… Previously on Life Story... I can walk and talk fairly well. … Continue reading Life Story: Chapter Six