Flying to Florida

This morning, I began a journey. It began in my home of Blacksburg, Virginia. It ended in Orlando, Florida. A lot has happened today. As I write these words, it's late at night and I have, at this point, been awake for about 20 hours. I've had longer stretches without sleep. But sleep is calling … Continue reading Flying to Florida


Feeling the Burn

I don't like to complain. Because, for a long time, that's the guy I was. I was a complainer. For a long time, the vast majority of my old blog consisted of complaints. Mostly, those complaints were based on a job that I despised. But those complaints on my blog bled over into Facebook status … Continue reading Feeling the Burn

You’d Think I’d be Used to It By Now

I go through this every year. The school year begins again and I'm forced to readjust my sleep schedule. I constantly have to convince myself that it's a good idea to go to bed early because I know I have to get up early the next day. But I'm not sleepy at 10:00 p.m. That … Continue reading You’d Think I’d be Used to It By Now

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Thanks to Vanessa at Butterfly Reflections for nominating me for this award. I gladly accept and will keep my speech short, so as not to be played off by the orchestra.The Dragon's Loyalty Award is given to loyal followers, commenters, or fans of your blog. The recipient can be a fellow blogger or a blog-free … Continue reading Dragon’s Loyalty Award