Swinging Legs

Something struck me this morning during my doctor's appointment. No... it wasn't one of those hammers they used to use on your knee to test your reflexes. It was a thought. That's what struck me. And, yeah, everything's fine. Just a follow-up appointment to make sure all my vitals are still good after my physical … Continue reading Swinging Legs


Smart Phones, Dumb People

Do you ever have a craving for certain foods? Of course you do. I'm not talking about the stereotypical bizarre cravings that can come with pregnancy. Do those even really exist? Do pregnant women really crave chocolate covered pickles or is that just something they use for comedic purposes in Hollywood? I digress. A few … Continue reading Smart Phones, Dumb People

Life Story: Chapter Fifty Seven

Welcome to a series of stories that basically make up my autobiography. It’s not entirely thorough, but I’ll do the best I can with the memories locked away inside my head. Could be therapeutic for me. Could be humorous for you. Either way, enjoy… Previously on Life Story... I spent most of my senior English … Continue reading Life Story: Chapter Fifty Seven

Bachelor in Paradise: An Observation

Until recently, I'd never even considered watching anything related to the "reality" show, The Bachelor. But a friend has spoken highly of the show and, I'll admit, I was intrigued. Does that mean that I caught up on every episode that Hulu had to offer? Absolutely not. I wasn't that intrigued. But over the Labor … Continue reading Bachelor in Paradise: An Observation