Question of the Week #288

Would you be willing to murder an innocent child to end hunger in the world? If so, what if the child had to be yours? There's no such thing as an innocent child! Said the heartless super villain who would have no problem killing a child to eliminate world hunger for the greater good. And … Continue reading Question of the Week #288


Question of the Week #155

Would you be willing to make a substantial sacrifice to have any of the following: you picture on a postage stamp, your statue in a park, a college named after you, a Nobel prize, a national holiday in your honor? No... I wouldn't. Honestly, none of these things appeal to me enough to warrant making … Continue reading Question of the Week #155

Question of the Week #95

If by sacrificing your life you could contribute so much to the world that you would be honored in all nations, would you be willing to do so? If so, would you make the same sacrifice knowing that someone you thoroughly disliked would receive the honor while you went unrecognized? So the idea behind a … Continue reading Question of the Week #95

Love One Another

I've never been accused of being an optimist. And, most of the time, when someone calls me a pessimist, I try to point out that I'm a realist instead. I now realize that only a pessimist will try to call themselves a realist. Maybe that's the way it is. Maybe looking at the world with … Continue reading Love One Another

Question of the Week #27

If God appeared to you in a series of vivid and moving dreams and told you to leave everything behind, travel alone to the Red Sea and become a fisherman, what would you do? What if you were told to sacrifice your child? I would love to sit here and write out his incredible answer … Continue reading Question of the Week #27