Season Finale

Hey kids... You know that podcast I've been doing with my cousin? We posted our season finale today. Not that we have any particular reason to divide things up into seasons. But it's our 30th episode and we've decided we need to retool some things going forward. So we'll be taking a bit of a … Continue reading Season Finale


Another Shameless Plug…

Remember how I've said I've been doing this podcast with my cousin? Well, this post is just about that again. Just another shameless plug in an effort to grow our audience. So, if you're interested... Here are some links to the most recent episodes. Just click on the images to go to those specific episodes. … Continue reading Another Shameless Plug…


Kids, have you ever wondered what I sound like in real life? Have you ever been reading the stuff I've written and wondered what it would sound like if I were saying those words out loud? Well now you have the chance to find out... For a long time, my cousin and I have played … Continue reading Podcast

YouTube Spotlight: Inside of You

Previous YouTube Spotlights: Hot OnesReactorsPop Culture Critics Really, this post's YouTube Spotlight should have the full title, Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum. But titles that get too long annoy me. Even when they're my titles. Okay, class... Raise your hands if you know the name Michael Rosenbaum. Do you know who he is? Anyone? … Continue reading YouTube Spotlight: Inside of You